What are the features of the safari style? (9 photo)

Clothing styles there are a great many. Each is different in its own way, each has its own characteristics. For example, many loved the safari style. And what features it differs?

A bit of history

How did the safari style come about? In the early to the middle of the last century, many countries expanded due to colonization, that is, the seizure of new territories. And so, the French and the British got to a wild and unbridled Africa. Travelers, who set foot on the lands of Africa for the first time, understood that the climate of this place does not dispose of clothes that are familiar to many.


And many have decided to update their wardrobe. At the seamstresses rich people ordered comfortable and practical suits of muffled tones. In such clothes, firstly, it was convenient to move, and secondly, it was much safer to be in the jungle (some animals react violently to bright colors).

But why such a name? In fact, it was borrowed from Swahili. And the word it meant "journey." But later so began to be called not so much hikes and walks in the wild, as hunting for animals.And all the hunters dressed about the same, so the style and got the name.

It is noteworthy that initially only men were dressed in comfortable shirts and trousers, but then women began to be addicted to hunting, so they needed to sew something comfortable and at the same time beautiful (women in any situation should remain women).

Original style

Safari style was periodically looked through in fashion collections, but the peak of relevance and popularity came just in the spring and summer of 2014. So take on the armament of everything that we consider further, be in the trend!

Style features

Safari has several features, they are fundamental for this style and allow you to immediately distinguish it from any other. Let us dwell in more detail at each moment.

Color spectrum

This style involves muted, calm, almost natural colors. Often used mustard, sand, beige, yellow, brown, white, khaki, ivory. Such tones are especially relevant in the hot season, as they practically reflect the color. Therefore, this style for the summer is just perfect.

Good colors


Patterns are welcome too.Animalistic prints (leopard, tiger, snake, zebra), as well as ethnic motifs, floral patterns and monochrome drawings are relevant and appropriate.

But do not overdo it, remember the restraint and simplicity of style.


Fabrics and materials

Safari is natural and close to nature. Therefore, the fabric is mainly used natural. The most common are cotton, linen, natural leather and suede. Such materials allow air to pass through and allow the skin to breathe, as well as perfectly evaporating moisture. Practical and convenient, anyway.

Bright image


Since it was necessary to walk a lot in the jungle (sometimes on such debris, in which the leg of a man had not previously walked), the shoes simply could not be uncomfortable. Comfort is the most important thing. So what about tankettes, platforms and heels had to forget. You can afford sandals on a completely flat sole with a lot of straps.


Also relevant are laced boots, similar to those worn by American soldiers. But today's girls still do not present themselves without heels, so experiment and break the rules. For example, buy sandals with a steady heel.Absolutely not perfect hairpins, but the platform can be very appropriate.


Large jewelry

Accessories allow you to revive the image and add some piquancy. Here is what is relevant and relevant:

  • Large bags over the shoulder. They can be made of suede, leather or textile. Important is the exposure of characteristic tones, as well as the abundance of such details as belts, wooden beads, locks, and so on.
  • Hats with large brim. Small straw hats are also relevant, as well as fabric Panamas. But you can not do without a headdress. Do not like hats? Tie a scarf over your head.
  • Belts are welcome, especially leather and fairly wide. The actual will be weighty badges.
  • Do you like jewelry? It's right, in the style of safari they also are. These can be wooden beads or bracelets, pendants on leather laces, made in the form of a tiger fang or other African attribute. Long hanging ear rings are welcome. All jewelry should be discreet and similar to home-made.
  • Be sure to wear a watch on a wide strap with a large dial.
  • Be sure to buy horn-rimmed sunglasses with an animal pattern or a muted color.


Free and not constraining movements styles are welcomed. Actual clear lines, asymmetry here is very, very rare. But sophisticated individuals can sleep peacefully: the fitted silhouettes are also in the trend. A distinctive feature of the style - easy negligence. So if you forgot to stroke your shirt, it's even better.

Details play a role


Clothing safari style suggests an abundance of all sorts of simple, but sometimes bold details. For example, almost no thing does without pockets, and they should be voluminous and numerous. Also, all kinds of epaulettes, valves, straps, laces are welcomed. Sleeves of clothing in this style often end with cuffs.

Pretty dress

Often there are stand-up collars. Belts on the belt are also appropriate and are often a bright accent set. And you will see a lot of big buttons, zippers, rivets, kulisok. Initially, all this was envisaged only for the sake of convenience and functionality, but today all these important little things complement the image and enliven it.


What should be included in your wardrobe? Here are a few basic things:

  • Dress-safari is, perhaps, the most important part of the wardrobe.The styles may vary in length and hem, but the three required details of this dress are short sleeves with cuffs, a waist strap and a stand-up collar. Many models are also equipped with chest pockets.
  • Dress shirts fit perfectly too. They are similar to the previous version, but more free.
  • Also recently, long dresses in the floor of a free cut with animal patterns have become actual.
  • Pants can be narrow or loose in the hips (the so-called cut breeches) or along the entire length (hiking pants). The optimal length is to the ankle.
  • Actual breeches below the knee with patch pockets.
  • Be sure to get a few shirts. Do not forget about pockets and cuffs, all this should be present.
  • Jacket. It is believed that this piece of clothing became popular precisely because of the safari style.
  • Suit and jumpsuit free cut with a strap at the waist and chest pockets.
  • For the summer, be sure to get short loose shorts with cuffs and pockets.
  • You can also buy a safari jacket with pockets and a belt at the waist.
  • Skirts are rare, but may also be present.These are either straight knee-length models or lower, or long flared ones. Presence of pockets, buttons and belts is desirable.

Now you know the features of this style. So go shopping, arrange safaris and upgrade your wardrobe!

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