What does P S, P.P.S, and other abbreviations mean?

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How to write letters



Written communication between people is the oldest form of communication. Once there was a custom to begin a letter with insignificant things and only then state the essence of the matter, which, in fact, forced me to write a letter. Now, on the contrary, it is customary to write about the main thing, and then add less important details, and it is also important to know how to write letters on paper correctly.


There are two forms of writing: official (business), private (personal). We will talk about how to write private letters, and in order to draw up a business letter, it is necessary to study certain norms, which are different in each case.


Previously, it was considered indecent to write private letters in hard copy, but now in the age of computers, you can send a letter not only typed, but also send it by e-mail. But it is desirable at the same time to write a few words by hand or at least put your signature.The main thing is when you are thinking of writing by hand or typing, remember: the letter should be understandable.


Of course, any letter begins with a greeting and ends with a farewell. The content of the letter should be well thought out.


Private letters are not recommended to write anywhere and on anything. The paper on which we write should be solid, fit the envelope. The edges of the paper should be smooth, neat. You should not write letters when you are annoyed or offended. At such a moment, you can write about what you regret tomorrow. You can write a letter, but not send it, but read the next day and clarify to yourself again whether everything that is written, we want to inform the addressee.


If the envelope is so transparent that through it, the text shines through, then the letter is embedded in a blank sheet of paper, protecting it from prying eyes.


Politeness requires the date to be indicated in the letters. If the letters are love, intimate, they must be read alone. When parting love letters and notes return to each other. This is considered good form. Other people's letters read reprehensible, even if they came to you by accident. With the content of the letter in several pages they are numbered.These helpful tips will help you learnhow to write letters in terms of etiquetteincluding. Sometimes at the end of letters there are additions and abbreviations.


What does P.S, P.P.S



R.S.- after written - important information about which we forgot and remember after writing the letter;


R.F.- literally "for good luck", used on business cards and in a place indicating the year as a New Year greeting.


R. C.- literally: "with condolences", is used as an expression of condolence.


R.R.- literally: “in gratitude”.


R.P.- With this abbreviation, the business card holder is presented in absentia.


P. P. C.- this reduction is notified of the departure from the place where the addressee is located;


R.F. V.- this abbreviation notifies you that I would like to visit him.


All these abbreviations (P S, P. P.S, and others) are derived from French words, because French has always been considered the language most suited to the expression of politeness. However, we do not recommend you to use them in correspondence if you are not sure that the addressee may not know how to write letters and abbreviations correctly.

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