What is a heuristic learning method

Chatting and brainstorming

The heuristic method is a form of developmental learning. Recently, it is actively used by school teachers in the classroom. Its essence lies in the fact that students have to set a task that has not one, but several solutions. Thus, the teacher does not know what conclusion he will come with the students. In this case, special attention is paid to the analysis of the way to solve the problem.
The next stage after the problem should be a comparison of the result obtained by the student with well-known postulates. With a heuristic approach to learning, the teacher must be prepared that the student can issue a fundamentally new vision and solution to the problem. This is typical for children with substandard thinking.
Heuristic conversation is especially common. It is based on the type of "question-answer". Well, if the conversation will result in a dispute.No matter how trite it may sound, the truth is born in a dispute.
In addition to the heuristic conversation, popularity has recently gained the so-called “brainstorming”, when students find themselves in a situation in which they have to respond quickly and solve the problems of a teacher.

The essence of the heuristic approach

The peculiarity of the heuristic approach to learning is that the student’s personal creative activity and educational technology are interchanged. If, in the traditional approach to teaching, the student is given the concept of something in a ready-made form, developing a way of learning the new implies knowing the unknown independently. In this case, the teacher is no longer a “teacher” in the direct sense of the word, but a mentor, a tutor. His task is to send in the right way, to recommend, but not provide information in a ready-made form.
When used in the work of the heuristic teaching method, the teacher must be prepared so that the task set by him will not find the answer. This can happen, for example, in a weak class. In this case, the teacher can offer the same problem in a different form.
According to Khutorsky, a heuristic method of teaching helps schoolchildren to master newer and, most importantly, rational ways of thinking.
Of course, the use of a heuristic approach to learning makes the lessons much more diverse, informative and entertaining. It is important that this approach helps to develop creative abilities and innovative thinking of schoolchildren.

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