What is an enclave?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
March 25, 2015
What is an enclave?

Getting acquainted with the administrative and foreign policy structure of different countries, not everyone understands what an enclave is. This is such a part of the state (or the whole state), which is completely surrounded by the lands of other countries. A full enclave is in question if a part of the state is completely surrounded by another state. And we are talking not only about land, but also about the territorial waters of the enclave. In cases where the enclave has access to the sea, it is called a semi-anclave.

The most famous enclave states are San Marino and the Vatican, surrounded by the territory of Italy, as well as the state of Lesotho, whose lands lie within the Republic of South Africa. Monaco (in relation to France), Brunei (in relation to Malaysia), Portugal (in relation to Spain), etc. are considered semi-enclaves.

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