What is circumcision?

Circumcision is a surgical operation in which boys have their foreskin removed, and in girls, parts of the clitoris and small labia (and sometimes all together) are removed. In this case, male circumcision or circumcision, as it is called in medicine, may be based not only on the national or religious factor, but also be carried out for medical reasons. Whereas this procedure for women does not have such indications and in most cases is a cruel ritual practiced in many countries. In this article we will explain what circumcision is in boys and girls.

What is circumcision in boys?

Circumcision originates from ancient times, when circumcision of boys was a religious rite. It is based on sacrifice: the child gives a part of himself “to the salvation of the whole.” This historical and religious tradition has been preserved in many countries around the world to this day. The Jews circumcise the boys on the 8th day after birth, and the Muslim nations at age 13.

The procedure involves cutting off the foreskin around the entire circumference of the penis.In European countries and America, such an operation is carried out with the help of special clips, which are fixed on the head of the penis and protect it from possible cuts. In some cases, stitches are applied for healing. In Russia, the manual technique is practiced, in which the doctor simply cuts off the foreskin and stitches the wound edges.

Among the advantages of male circumcision can be noted a decrease in the risk of developing cancer of the genital organs, the appearance of skin diseases and susceptibility to AIDS. Scientists have found that HIV infections in circumcised men are found 5 times less often than in those who have not undergone such a procedure. In addition, circumcision treats infections and inflammatory processes of the urinary system and difficulty urinating.

The disadvantages of the procedure are pain shock, possible complications of circumcision, hygienic problems (the foreskin protects against various bacteria, so its absence requires increased attention to intimate hygiene). On the topic, read our article Whether to do circumcision.

Female circumcision: what is it?

Circumcision in girls and women refers to 2 different operations.The first involves the removal of the hood, which covers the clitoris, and parts of the labia minora. Such a procedure today is even fashionable among the female population of European countries, since the removal of the hood slightly opens the clitoris and allows the woman to receive more pleasure from sexual intimacy in the future.

The second option is the exact opposite of the first. Such an operation is carried out before puberty of the girl and represents the removal of the clitoris, and sometimes the labia. This is an ancient ritual, according to which a woman has no right to experience sexual pleasure and should perform only a reproductive function.

In addition, even in antiquity, the clitoris was considered the male principle in a woman, the “sting of a scorpion”, from which it is necessary to get rid of. Today, many defenders of human rights and women in particular are fighting against such barbaric rituals. In addition, recent studies have shown that female circumcision often becomes the cause of infertility: such a diagnosis occurs in women who have undergone the procedure, often 5-6 times! In 2012, the UN adopted a resolution prohibiting such operations.

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