What is dangerous for a person working at night?

Due to certain circumstances, sometimes it all happens so that a person has to work at night: someone chooses a similar mode of working day at his own will, someone is forced by circumstances.

But, anyway, even for fully convinced owls, such a daily routine may result in serious troubles, both in terms of health and in terms of personal life. Unfortunately, our world is designed in such a way that the processes in it do not stop for a minute, and therefore there are such professions that are obliged to be in the workplace every moment of the day and night.

It's so hard not to fall asleep

This includes doctors, rescue workers, police, security guards, truckers, and many other professions. Naturally, in most of these structures, work will be introduced in shifts, however, not always and not everywhere.

As for the night work, and in general, active wakefulness at night, there has been a lot of controversy for quite a long period of time. Is it harmful or not? And if it is harmful, how much?

What is the job at all at a time when the human body is accustomed to fully immerse in the sweet sleeping bliss? Let's try to understand this issue, because for many people it remains relevant almost throughout life.

Surely, many people know that the human body is a complex mechanism that for millions of years used to work according to a specific biorhythm scheme, and even decades of work on the night shift will not be able to rebuild it in such a way that for it it would be perceived quite calmly.

This suggests that wakefulness at night is unnatural for a person, and, therefore, can adversely affect his health, both moral and physical.

Why do people agree to work at night?

It is not a secret for anyone that night work is attractive with high wages, and for those students who are obliged to gnaw granite of science in the daytime, night is the only way to get some additional means.

There are some people who are convinced that all their activity falls on the night hours: during the day they feel sluggish, they are almost unable to get up early, but at night they are full of strength and activity.There are, of course, not many of them, and these are, in a way, unique personalities who, indeed, without the slightest harm to their own health, are able to exchange daily work for nighttime.

Common problem doctors

The advantages of such a schedule include the fact that a person in the daytime is completely left to himself and his family, he can admire the light of the day, go shopping and other institutions, while most others are tied to a dusty office chair.

That's the way it is, though, in fact, one day you have to get enough sleep, it usually also happens during the day, which is very difficult when the daytime noise strains around and the sun shines.

Someone, working in night shifts, avoids an annoying boss, and someone runs away from family conflicts (in the evening, when the whole night is going to the house, the night owl has to go to work) and so on. Whichever option is influenced by such a solution, the conclusion for all remains one - night work is fraught with health.

What is the danger?

And yet, specifically, what is dangerous about working at night? Scientists have long concluded that a man, violating the natural rhythm of his life, first of all, jeopardizes the work of the heart and the entire vascular system.

If every day or even every other day to go in defiance of nature and biorhythms, then the person automatically increases the risk of developing various heart diseases, not to mention increased irritability, nervousness, and periodic depression.

Also, experts say that working at night for several years, or even decades, can be comparable to serious addictions, such as smoking or alcohol.

In addition, it has been proven that waking at night changes the production of leptin, the hormone of satiety, and also insulin, which, as a result, leads to increased appetite at night. People who work at night often arrange their own dense snacks, without even thinking about the fact that at this time the metabolic processes are greatly slowed down, which means that the risk of gaining excess weight increases several times.

Night shifts can provoke increases in blood sugar and blood pressure, which can lead to the first stage of diabetes.

In addition, recent studies have shown that working at night increases the risk of developing cancer by as much as 40%, especially breast or rectal cancer in women, as well as prostate cancer in men.Isn't it a very unpleasant list, which is not at all justified by the additional income that can be obtained from night shifts?

What are the dangers of night shift work?

The main disadvantage of such employees is the lack of attention, at this time people make more mistakes and shortcomings than during the day, and this is easily proved by statisticians: doctors often make wrong decisions at night, drivers get into accidents, and workers in production enterprises at night, more likely to earn a work injury.

Not everyone can stand

For people who have been working in such a mode for years, their character deteriorates significantly: they become prone to grunts, sharp irritability and even aggressiveness appear, and a state of fatigue is increasingly accumulating.

In families where the schedules of parents and children do not coincide (children come from school and parents leave on the night of work), communication problems may arise, and as a result, difficulties in educating and understanding each other.

Some important rules

All this, of course, is clear, what to do if there is no way out and you have to work at night exactly? In this case,You must ensure a full day of rest: sleep at least 7-8 hours, preferably 5-6 hours in the morning and 1-2 before work, so you will feel more cheerful in the workplace.

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