What is needed for registration of IP

On the first sheet of the form P21001, enter the name and code of the registering authority that corresponds to the name and number of the tax inspectorate at your place of residence. Write the surname, name, patronymic of the individual in accordance with the identity document, the date and place of his birth. Specify the address of the place of residence (region, city, town, street name, house number, building number, apartment).
On the second page of this application, enter the details of the identity document (series, number, date of issue, by whom and when the document was issued). If a minor citizen is registered as an individual citizen, he should indicate the type, name and data of the document that is the basis for acquiring legal capacity. When a foreign citizen is registered as an individual entrepreneur, he needs to enter the type, details of the identity document according to international standards, as well as information about the document confirming the right of the foreign citizen to reside in the Russian Federation (residence permit, temporary residence permit).
On the third page of this form, the applicant puts a personal signature and the date of the document. Decide on the type of economic activity, on sheet A indicate the code and name of the type of economic activity according to the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities. Verify the signature of the individual who registers as an individual entrepreneur with a notary.
Pay the state duty, submit to the tax inspectorate a document confirming its payment (receipt, bank statement), as well as a completed application on form p21001, a copy of the identity document of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a foreign citizen (when a foreign citizen wishes to register as a foreign citizen) and a document confirming the capacity of a citizen (if a minor is registered).
Get a receipt on receipt by the tax service employee of the submitted documents on page B of this application.

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