What is the role of moldings in the interior

Ceiling moldings are installed so that they close the connection and mask the irregularities. In addition, these decorative elements are designed to hide the transitions between different color and stylistic zones. In this case, moldings act as a binding element in the interior.
Moldings with stucco allow you to achieve the effect of solemnity, therefore, are widely used in richly decorated interiors. Especially often used such decorative elements when creating interiors in the Empire style.
The functionality of the moldings are not limited to interior decor. Very often, these products are used to protect walls or ceilings from the negative effects of external factors. For example, sometimes fragments of walls are decorated with decorative moldings that do not allow furniture to touch the surface of the wallpaper.
Wall and ceiling moldings can be made from a variety of materials, such as plastic, wood or plaster. Exclusive models are made of metal, glass and even genuine leather. Such moldings are mainly made to order, and are very expensive.
Plastic moldings are the most affordable option. At low cost, they have a lot of advantages. Such products are not afraid of moisture, so they can be used for decoration and bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, plastic moldings are very practical. These products are not afraid of exposure to household chemicals and do not require special care.
Moldings with stucco plaster can realize a variety of ideas. For example, if you want to design the interior according to your own sketch, using original moldings, you can order them in the workshop. Gypsum - this is the material from which you can cast even the smallest details, so the decorative elements of gypsum often have an unusual design.
Recently, moldings made of polyurethane, which also like gypsum products, are cast in special forms, have been very popular.The advantage of polyurethane products over gypsum products is that the former are not subject to cracking and yellowing.
Wooden moldings are often used in the interior design in a classic style. Such decorative elements look noble and expensive. The price of wooden moldings depends on the type of wood from which they are made.

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