What is the secret lip gloss?

One Scottish cosmetologist somehow came to an interesting conclusion: in his opinion, in the not too distant future, the need to go to work would completely disappear, and live communication would be completely replaced by chat rooms and videoconferences.

The fair sex does not have to be painted, and it will be enough to apply a virtual make-up that will decorate your image on the monitor screen. And although it now seems to be complete nonsense and fantasy, I would very much like to believe that such dreams cannot come true, and girls will never cease to care for their appearance.

Unusual new

Especially for progressive and modern ladies, the beauty industry specialists are always in search, studying the growing needs in order to invent something new and improved.

Looking a few steps forward, we would like to bring to your attention one of these new products from the beauty and self-care factory, lip gloss. Needless to say, one name can embarrass a good half of our readers, otherwise, because the term “lacquer”, in most cases, is associated with something resistant, difficult to wash off and, naturally, terribly chemical.

What is lip gloss, how to understand it? Everyone knows the nail polishes or hair, but for the lips? Does it need a special tool for removal? How can you apply something like a varnish on such a delicate area, which already requires additional care?

New tool

Putting aside panic, everything is not as it may seem at first glance. Interestingly, such a marvelous tool confidently gaining momentum in popularity among the younger generation, it is increasingly being used in fashion shows and fashion parties.

If you turn to new products that produce well-known cosmetic brands, then there you can find amazing lipsticks, but how to explain this rapid development?

And the explanation is only one: apparently, they really deserve the attention of the broad masses, and, therefore, let's understand. It turns out that the lip gloss is not such a novelty, such makeup-products appeared on the market of cosmetology products 5 years ago, two pioneers in the person of Chanel and Lancome presented to the world something similar.

The claimed tool was to combine two eternal competitors - lipstick and lip gloss, so to speak, to combine the best - creamy texture and color fastness.

But, unfortunately, and perhaps fortunately, none of the presented makeup-tools did not get much spread, the reviews of the girls who tried the new-fashioned novelty left much to be desired: the lacquer dried and tightened their lips, got into folds, adding unpleasant sensations.

Good remedy

Despite the durability of color, the varnishes did not take root, but the idea of ​​a revolutionary concept was born, which would give the world the means of combining the advantages of gloss and lipstick.

Needless to say, the competition between these two dominant beauty-products never subsided: in the early 2000s, the fashion for brilliance literally crushed lipstick, but it was literally 5-7 years, as she regained her popularity.

Each of the above means has its advantages and disadvantages, for example, the fashion for the glossy unnatural effect created by the lip gloss has disappeared, and it also makes them visually more plump and voluminous, which has recently been easily achieved by means of plastic surgery.

But lipstick is easy to apply, beautifully and naturally emphasizes the shape of the lips, holds firmly, and it looks much more aristocratic and more expensive.On the other hand, because of lipstick, the lips quickly dry and crack, and the shine is erased naturally, and applied easily, the lips are always moistened.

Lip Gloss, which today again broke into the world of fashion industry, combined all the positive features of the two eternal rivals, thereby presenting to the general public, an innovative means for the lips.

Real life lip gloss

And nevertheless, returning to the novelties not in terms of promises, but in real life, I would like to understand how they act and how to use them? The innovators of this season are the well-known brands Yves Sain Laurent and Guerlain, which released a whole line of similar products, which are presented in 20 bright and juicy shades.

Elegant color

In fact, it is liquid lipstick that is easy to apply, but at the same time combines the necessary values: gloss, rich color and durability. Leading world visagistes even have their own recommendations on how to apply lip gloss: it's better to do this in several layers, so the shade will be more intense.

And those who are accustomed to lipstick or shine to use balm, will have to leave this venture, otherwise the varnish risks to swim on your lips.

The result is literally fascinating - shining, glossy, saturated sponges, which in this state can survive up to 9 hours without additional liner! The price of such funds, of course, rather big, in the range of $ 25-35, but the result is worth it!

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