What kind of bird - cockatoo?

What does a cockatoo look like?

Cockatoo is as popular with birdwatchers as the other species of this family - budgerigars. This is a rather large and intelligent bird with a spectacular, bright appearance. In total, about 20 species are known, differing from each other in feather color and size. Bird sizes range from the smallest - 28-30 cm - to the largest - 60-70 cm.
A characteristic feature of all the individuals of this species is the tuft on the head, the color of which differs from the color of the plumage of the tail and body of the bird, and the massive, curved beak. The beak of a cockatoo is a perfect and powerful tool with which a parrot is able to chop a nut shell, break or bite a branch, and even a medium-thickness wire. But it can cope with more subtle work. The ability of these birds to open locks and locks with their beaks, to unscrew and unscrew any nuts and screws is well known. Maybe on occasion and quite hard to bite.
Males and females of cockatoo have the same color, but differ in size. Males are larger than females.The color of the plumage of parrots is very different. There are individuals of white, black, gray, yellow, blue and even smoky pink shades, monochrome and multi-color, with contrast-colored tufts, with bright red and yellow stripes on them. But never in the color of these birds is not present green. The most common white cockatoo. Unlike many other species, the cockatoo's tail is short, straight or slightly rounded.
Kakadu fly well, claws through trees, run on the ground, and some species even swim. The life span of these birds of 60-90 years is a great companion for all human life.

Behavior of the cockatoo

Kakadu quite easily adapt to life at home, get used and even becomes attached to a person. But we must not forget that they are vulnerable and sensitive and really need the love and attention of the owner. Kakadu have a good memory and are able to significantly avenge the owner for any - from their point of view - misconduct.
Cockatoo parrots are not too talkative, but they can still learn a few dozen words. In addition, they are able to play the most bizarre sounds, for example, to imitate the voices of pets or whistle. Perhaps they are the loudest of birds.Sometimes parrots scream, just like that, glad of their pleasure. Such concerts can be a big problem for the owner. But more often it comes from boredom or lack of attention.
Another reason for the popularity of these birds among nature lovers is their “artistic abilities”. They are very susceptible to learning, quickly get used to and do with pleasure little comic stunts - squats, turns, blooming and folding of the tuft, dancing, etc. The cockatoo parrot is unpretentious in content and can be an ideal pet.

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