What lipstick to choose

In the handbag of almost any woman, an indispensable assistant is kept in creating an attractive and charming outer appearance - lipstick. After all, it is unlikely that a man will be able to resist the pretty, sensual lips of a woman. And with the help of lipstick it is easy to make your lips juicy, alluring and sexy. Therefore, each representative of the weaker sex knows how important careful care of their lips. Applying lipstick correctly is only half the success, because the most important thing is not to make a mistake in choosing the color. As practice shows, to make a good choice is not always obtained the first time. The problem of which lipstick to choose often puts many women in a difficult position. After all, a variety of colors and properties of lipstick, can cause anyone to get confused. In addition, we often encounter the problem of color discrepancy in the display case and on the lips, and the attracted lipstick may simply not fit the skin of your lips, have an unpleasant smell or, for example, roll down. In order to avoid such troubles, before you buy your favorite lipstick, you must carefully examine its composition, properties, shelf life.In order to most accurately match the color, it is necessary to put lipstick on the back of the hand or on the fingertips, this will help determine the change in shade when applied to the lips, because it is not a secret to anyone that in a tube and on the skin lipstick can look different. To find out the quality of lipstick, you should draw a line on the sheet of paper with a tester. In the case of good quality the line will be homogeneous, without lumps and roughness.


Speaking about which lipstick to choose, it should be noted that the most important thing for any woman is to find the perfect product. But what is the ideal lipstick? It should maintain its color for a long time, moisturize and protect lips well, do not roll down and do not leave streaks after removal. The composition of the lipstick must necessarily include wax, oils, dyes, as well as various components causing protection, moisturizing and nourishing the lips (for example, vitamins, ultraviolet filters, amino acids and other substances).


Not many women know which lipstick to choose in order to create the most attractive and stylish look, so most of us have to try and select the perfect product through trial and error.One way or another, but when choosing a lipstick you should always take into account existing principles, with the help of which it is recommended to choose lipstick. So, with dark skin, bright and rich colors are well combined, and the lighter the skin, the more naturally lipstick tones should be chosen (for example, beige, pale pink). For normal skin color, all shades of red and golden colors will go perfectly. In addition, choosing lipstick you need to take into account the style of your makeup, lip shape, hair and eye color, age. As you know, there are three main types of lipstick: persistent, satin and matte. Long-lasting lipstick keeps its color and gloss for a long time (about 11 hours, if applied to dry lips), and it can be removed with the help of oily cleansing agents. Matte lipstick, containing a lot of powder and wax, looks best on plump lips, but is not recommended for women of mature age, it is better to use lipstick with glitter, it will make lips more fresh and smooth. Satin lipstick moisturizes and smoothes, and thanks to its radiant texture, the lips visually appear larger. Lipsticks of muted tones, such as brown or bronze, look good on plump lips, and light tones are perfect for thin lips.Having determined which lipstick to choose, do not forget to look at its shelf life, which is a maximum of 3 years if the lipstick is stored in a cold place and applied to the lips with a brush, otherwise the period is reduced to a year. [yandex1]


When buying a lipstick be careful, because your choice of appearance depends on how well the choice of lipstick is thought out and reasonable.

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