What sex is in fashion now?

So, using food as an example, it will be easier to explain: if earlier you either got used to intercepting something quick and cheap on the go, or at home for five minutes of cooking you “indulged” yourself exclusively with the same pasta with canned sauce, now It's time to rethink, slow down and enjoy the process. For example, to find a farm restaurant near work and go there to savor burgers for a couple of hours. You can, by the way, even alone. Or spend the whole Sunday at home on Jamie Oliver's blog and finally get out of the comfort zone called “scrambled eggs, pasta” in the direction of a soup of mashed vegetables from the village or rich stew of beef with Indian spices. Got an appetite? Then again slowly return to sex.

What sex is in fashion now?
What sex is in fashion now?

Slow sex is like a gourmet treat of the process. And it became possible only when we received freedom of choice, multiplied by a large amount of information on the topic. The same sex toys used to be taboos, over which they giggled and blushed, and now some are not shy about giving them as a birthday present.Or the failed sexual life, which had previously been silent in a rag and sobbed into a pillow, is now openly discussed in women's magazines not just as a reason, but as a purse, to put an end to the unpromising novel once and for all. Surprisingly, having become less shy in conversations and introspection on the piquant subject, we were one step closer to becoming sex aesthetes - those who do not use anything. Unlike food, without which it is impossible to live objectively, people suddenly realized that if you don’t have time for good sex, then it is better to practice a diet and avoid anyone’s sex. It is reasonable, and at the same time more secure for health.

What sex is in fashion now?
What sex is in fashion now?

Funny, but slow sex is more relevant to young people than to the adult generation - these modern careerists, who are confident that by age 27 they should already have an apartment and a car, and five more foreign languages ​​and a couple of magistracies. This is for them, Tinder offers dozens of dating options for the upcoming evening and an easy path to sexual rapprochement with a new partner in a short time. But (remember fast food!) Quickly does not mean qualitatively, and this notorious "keep up" does not mean immersion in the process.

Millennials today, on an escalator in the subway, manage to send a couple of letters about work and record audio messages to a friend, but sometimes they are unable to experience the very banal orgasm that is now being printed on the cover of magazines in large print.

Slow sex seems to remind this generation that they are always running and late for the fact that speed is not important in everything, and for women fast sex is not at all synonymous with pleasure. And it was not we who invented it, but research has shown: a woman “to warm up” needs more time than a man, and if we speed up the process to a quick five-minute, the chances of an orgasm will decrease by several times. So, girls, for us this trend, like most of the trends in the world, is even more urgent than for men, and let's be fashionable and we will not hurry anywhere.

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