What sports activities

sporting eventsWhat are sports events

Another way is pleasant and useful (in business terms) to spend time with partners or customers attending sports, such as football, hockey, basketball, etc. matches. Currently, this type of communication is becoming increasingly popular. For such events, there are also certain rules of behavior.


If you invite a client, boss or friend, then you have to pay for the tickets, as well as for food and drinks.


The meeting organizer does not pay only for certain items. For example, if you invited a customer to a game of tennis, it is assumed that you pay for the court and food, and the client must have his own racket and balls with him.


If they invited you, then do not forget that you are not paying. Therefore, behave accordingly. Put on what you need to wear and take everything you need to take.


It is indecent to come to a sporting event or to a private sports club in jeans and a t-shirt.


Remember: it is better to immediately report that you do not know how to play this or that game or you do not understand this or that sport. Arrogant novices and deceivers do not cause respect.

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