What to do if your baby is not sleeping well?

Sleepless nights - a phenomenon familiar to many young mothers and quite normal. And yet if the baby wakes up every night or very often, you need to find the causes of such problems and eliminate them.



Why can a child wake up at night? In fact, there can be a great many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Hunger. This reason is perhaps the most common. Babies under the age of 6-8 months feel the need for night feedings, so they can wake up at night to refresh themselves. And if one infant wakes up the parents only once or twice a night, the other may require milk literally every 2 hours. This is probably due to the fact that a sleepy baby cannot fully eat, does not eat enough and therefore requires food again. Most often, the need for night feedings disappears by the year, but it may last longer.
  • Colic. They occur in almost all babies in the first months of life. And most often, the pain in the tummy overtakes the babies at night.
  • Discomfort.A variety of conditions, conditions and phenomena can cause discomfort: a stuffy room, unpleasant odors, noise, a wet diaper, light from a window, and so on.
  • Age features. There are periods in which sleep problems are a variant of the norm. For example, babies at the age of 3-6 months sleep rather uneasily, since at this age superficial sleep prevails. Because of this, the crumb can wake up at night. But the actions after awakening will depend on individual characteristics. Some children can fall asleep on their own and quickly, while others start to worry and ask for help. The next difficult period may occur in 1,5-3 years. At this age, babies may experience fears (darkness, made-up characters), which often become aggravated at night.
  • Anxiety and need for the presence of mother. In the first months and years of life, the baby is very much attached to his mother and, having discovered at night that his mother is not around, to raise a riot. And if the presence of a parent is sufficient for older children, then the children of the first year of life need close contact. And some feel calm only if they satisfy the sucking reflex, that is, breast sucking.
  • Teething.In some babies, teeth begin to cut literally at 4 months, in others, at 1 year. Anyway, many children in such a period become very restless due to discomfort and pain.
  • Features of temperament. All the kids are completely different. If one baby is calm and can easily calm down even after some bright event, the other will experience intense experiences and difficulties with sleep. For example, if the crumb first visited a place (the same kindergarten), then his nervous system could respond to such an event with strong excitement.
  • Diseases. If the baby is not only sleeping badly at night and during the day, but is also capricious, whining or constantly aggressive, then it makes sense to show it to the pediatrician. Sleep problems can be caused by a wide variety of health problems: from disorders of the nervous system to diseases of the cardiovascular and other systems.
  • Failure of the day. If a baby often wakes up at night, then this is probably due to the fact that during the day he simply does not get tired and does not have time to throw out all his energy. But another option is possible, the opposite of the first. If a baby gets very tired (especially in the second half of the day), then his muscles and nervous system will be in tension, which, of course,will interfere with a full and healthy sleep.
  • Biological rhythms. A child may confuse day with night and sleep sweetly during the day, but at the same time be awake at night.
  • Newborns may be frightened by the movements of their legs and arms, since in the womb they are used to being in a confined space.
  • Changes in the child's life. For example, if you and a baby moved to a new place of residence, or the baby began to attend kindergarten, then such dramatic changes could cause severe stress and worries that would interfere with sleep.
  • Unfavorable situation in the family.

How to solve a problem?

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What if the baby sleeps badly at night? Your actions will depend on the reasons that caused sleep problems. Useful tips:

  1. Special drugs, such as Plantex, Sub Simplex, Espumizan, will help to cope with colic. To find a suitable, consult with a pediatrician. If your baby has a tummy ache, attach something warm to it, for example, a diaper slightly warmed up on the battery or heater. You can also press the crumb to yourself, so that his stomach is in contact with yours. Massage can be effective. Place your hand on the baby's tummy and make circular movements in a clockwise direction. Then bring the baby's knees to his tummy.
  2. Try to observe the daily regimen.The baby should wake up and fall asleep at the same time. In addition, plan all active games and important events for the first half of the day. In the evening, it is better to play quiet games with your child so that he does not become over-excited.
  3. If the crumb feels fear, then help to cope with it and support the child. So, if the child is afraid of the dark, then turn on the night light at night. If the crumb is afraid of some monsters living in the closet, then plant a big toy near the crib and explain that it will protect the baby from monsters.
  4. If scandals are frequent for your family, then reconsider your behavior. Relationships find out calmly and better not with a child. Try not to raise your voice and behave calmly. If you feel irritated and constantly nervous, then consult with your doctor about taking sedatives.
  5. Provide your baby with good sleep conditions. Air the room, block the windows with curtains, humidify the air in the room, do not make loud noises. But do not try after laying the baby to tiptoe and speak only in a whisper, otherwise the child will wake up at any rustle.But to teach the child to sleep when the TV is turned on or working household appliances is not worth it, it can adversely affect the work of the nervous system.
  6. Develop a ritual of laying. For example, you can first feed the crumb, then bathe him, then tell a fairy tale, hug and kiss, and then put him to bed. A certain sequence of actions will adjust to sleep and soothe.
  7. If the baby is constantly calling for his mother, then start practicing joint sleep, for many it helps a lot. The baby will feel the presence of the mother and sleep well. If you are uncomfortable sleeping with a child, then move his bed to his, so that the child feels calmer.
  8. If you think that there is something wrong with the baby’s health, show him to the doctor.
  9. If the crumb has mixed up day and night, try not to let him sleep during the day, and at night during the feedings keep yourself quiet and calm so that the crumb will realize that no one is going to be awake.
  10. If the baby is crying and very upset, calm him down, hug, kiss, say something good.
  11. A newborn baby can be swaddled so that he does not wake himself with his own spontaneous movements.
  12. Try to offer your baby a dummy.Many oppose the nipple, but sometimes such a device really helps out.
  13. If the baby is sleeping in a separate room, do not close the door so that he understands that the parents are nearby.
  14. During the day, communicate with the baby, hug him so that he is calm and knew that his mother loves him and will always come to the rescue.
  15. Sometimes it is useful to give the baby a little cry. But do not bring to hysterics, you only exacerbate the situation.

Let your baby sleep peacefully!

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