What to do on the island of Sithonia?

Sunny Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games, theater and philosophy. The sun here pleases locals and tourists with its warmth for almost a whole year, and the peak of summer holidays falls in May-October. Today we offer you to go on a virtual tour on the small Greek island of Sithonia - one of the branches of the “triube” of the Chalkidiki peninsula.

Blessed by Poseidon

Named after the son of Poseidon, the island is truly unique. There is incredibly picturesque nature, warm sea, and a curative climate. Once here, any tourist will be delighted, because it will be surrounded by a dense forest, mountains and sea. This is a wonderful place for leisurely, relaxing holidays, and even seclusion.

In the western part there are small bays with perfectly transparent water and clean beaches, and fishing villages where you can always buy fresh fish and cook it on a fire.

But those who love an active and fun-filled holiday will also find something to do. All sorts of discos, restaurants, bars, extreme types of entertainment are waiting for their visitors.

What is interesting about Sithonia?

  • Karidi beach.Why do tourists first come to Greece? Of course, swim in the sea and lie on the beach. And the most popular among them is Karidi. Shallow water is great for families with children, which is why there are really a lot of them here. For travelers with a car, there is free parking, and you can have a bite to eat in the mobile canteens. More refined dishes can be found in cafes and restaurants nearby.
  • The town of Neos Marmaras. Paradise for lovers of fun. Preserved historical features of local markets, cafes and shops attract thousands of travelers. But the most interesting things are still natural beauty, such as, for example, the reserve, located on the mountain Itamos, and the remains of the ancient fortress of Lekif, which can be seen on the spit.

And wine lovers are invited to the manor Karras, which houses the wine shop.

  • Bay of Porto-Kufo. A unique natural attraction, which is reliably protected from both sides by storms and winds by cliffs. The water here is clear, but of the downsides is a sharply increasing depth. Those who cannot swim should be careful.Not far from the beach there are taverns where you can sample local dishes.

And you can enjoy nature by riding on a boat. By the way, in this peaceful place is and where to stay. For tourists there are several hotels and small cozy family hotels.

  • City Nikiti. It is the largest settlement of the island of Sithonia. Here you can see architectural structures preserved from the 19th century - small stone houses with wooden balconies, the Church of St. Nikita, in which the museum works, shown in the photo, and several other churches, where the doors are always open.

There is also everything that is needed for a full-fledged, comfortable rest - hotels, taverns, playground, entertainment on the beach, diving. And every Friday, residents and guests of the town can visit the traditional market, where honey is a particularly valuable product that you definitely need to try.

One of the most fun entertainments for children in the sea are small fish, which immediately stick to the foot, if you stand motionless in the water for about a minute, and as soon as the children start frolicking again, they sail off.

And besides the traditional holiday on the island, you can always plunge into authentic Greek festivities on a grand scale.

The undoubted advantage of Sithonia is that the Greek authorities, in order to preserve the original nature and architectural monuments, forbade the construction of high-rise buildings on this territory. Therefore, having come here, you forget about the noisy metropolis and find yourself in a real oasis with clean air, clear water and picturesque nature. Enjoy your holiday!

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