What to give a guy for the New Year of the Monkey 2016

What to give a guy for the New Year of the Sheep 2015To successfully pick a gift for a loved one, you need to know his preferences, interests, and even then go to the store. You can not walk around, so about, but directly ask the young man what he wants. Another option is to let it make up the wish list, and you can choose from it the most acceptable option for you. And let it not be very romantic, but practical and with a 100% hit.

The original gift for the guy for the New Year 2016

We suggest you make a “Bank of good memories”. Get a beautiful glass container at home, where you will add good memories for a year. On the colored pieces of paper, write the date, and what happened pleasant on that day. For the year you will accumulate a whole heap of positive and you can give these emotions to your soulmate. And how great it would be to re-read these little cards together! The disadvantage of this gift is that you have to prepare it in advance.

What to give a guy for the New Year of the Sheep 2015

What to give to a guy for the New Year of the Monkey

A monkey is a practical animal, therefore gifts should be practical. If your guy is keen on fishing, then you have a direct way to the theme shop. An avid motorist can buy a gift certificate for car accessories or something interesting for the car showroom. Fashion lover should appreciate a good leather belt, purse or a stylish cashmere scarf.

What to give a guy for the New Year of the Sheep 2015

Of the less expensive gifts you can choose a sweater or wool socks with your own hands. Such a thing, though not a designer, but it will always remind you of your love and care. Do not give the guy the traditional shaving kits, shampoos, socks and other similar "amenities". Also, do not give pictures. This matter of taste, and the eternal question: “Where to hang it?” Will not add delight. Porcelain figurines, aroma lamps, snowmen, bears are better to push into the far corner. Usually guys feel only a sense of bewilderment and annoyance at the sight of all these things. At worst, you can always be saved by a bottle of quality alcohol. Of the preferred: rum, whiskey, tequila, absinthe. If your young man does not drink alcoholic drinks, please him with tasty Swiss chocolate or at least cake,which you baked yourself.

The best gift for a guy for the New Year 2015-2016

What to give a guy for the New Year of the Sheep 2015

The best gift is emotions. And you can give them in different ways. For shy people, the real revelation will be the lesson of hot Latin tango. Extreme sports lovers can be offered a parachute jump or a balloon ride. Romantics will appreciate the dinner in the restaurant, where everyone eats in complete darkness. For a workaholic, a certificate in a spa salon is suitable, where he can relax and have some rest.

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