What to give in gratitude?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
February 4, 2015
What to give in gratitude?

A gift as a token of gratitude is, above all, a display of politeness. With such a gift, the donor, firstly, seeks to show that he understands the full value of the service rendered to him, and secondly, wants to show his appreciation for this benefit.

Below are the options for gifts that can express gratitude.

What to give in gratitude: options

The range of such gifts is quite large, it does not include only items of clothing, personal hygiene products and very expensive items. You should also not give cosmetics and perfumes.

Very often, gifts of this kind are given to doctors and nurses. Grateful patients usually give doctors flowers, cakes, candy boxes and liquor. In addition to gifts, from this traditional set a doctor can give a large can of coffee, a set of several varieties of tea in beautiful packaging, good cookies in a can, a gift certificate to a book or perfume store as a token of gratitude.

If friends or relatives living in another city have invited you to their house for a week, getting ready to go, do not forget to put a gift in the suitcase for them. In this case, the best gift as a sign of gratitude for the hospitality provided will be something that is famous for the area where you live: a bank of red caviar from Sakhalin, dried mushrooms and pine nuts from Siberia or downy mittens and socks from Orenburg. In gratitude to the neighbor who fed your cat and watered your flowers while you were away, from your travels you can bring some souvenir, for example, nice fridge magnets, a box or a doll in national clothes.

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