What to present for an anniversary to the director in Moscow

What to present for an anniversary to the director in MoscowThe jubilee of the director is an event that concerns the entire collective and requires careful preparation. And the most exciting issue in this difficult matter is the choice of a gift. It seems that it is very difficult, but if you take this moment creatively, you can come up with a lot of gift options for the leader of the anniversary.

Gifts for status and prestige

AnniversaryThe gift to the head should be not only expensive, but also emphasizing his status in the company and his position in society. The choice of such a present depends largely on the age and on the character it possesses.

The young leader

If your boss is young, then the ideal gift option for him is souvenir accessories or leather goods. This can be a purse, business card holder, a money clip, a key ring, a key holder, a diary in a genuine leather cover, a desk set or a stand for pens in bronze or silver. These are not just trifles or small things, they are expensive and luxurious things, demonstrating the status of their owner and at the same time emphasizing his individuality.


If your director is one of those people who appreciate aesthetics in everything from beginning to end, then elegant cufflinks from precious metals or a clip for a necktie decorated with precious stones will suit him as a gift.

Head traveler

If your duty director often has to go on business trips, then the best gift for him is a watch or a leather product, such as a bag or briefcase. The latter option not only looks expensive, but also saves important documents. A watch is a stylish gift that emphasizes the status and financial position of the owner. It is better if this is a classic model that combines elegance and solidity.

The head is a workaholic

If your director is like this, then writing will be the perfect gift for him. An expensive fountain pen with a noble metal pen makes it possible not only to write down important thoughts on paper, and in the diary - urgent business and meeting time, but also underlines the high status that this position provides.

Give emotions and impressions

The leader, like any person, is not alien to emotions.So why not give him, instead of a material gift, something that will bring a lot of positive emotions, which sometimes are so lacking in life, loaded with problems?

A gift-impression for a leader can be this:

  • certificate for visiting the SPA center;
  • flight by helicopter or hot air balloon;
  • skydiving or scuba diving;
  • trip on a yacht for two;
  • various workshops;
  • tea ceremony, which can be held right in the office;
  • participation in a role photo shoot (such an event can make even the most strict supervisors open up).

This gift is not only able to bring a lot of positive emotions, but also make the leader take a fresh look at his subordinates, which means that a healthy and friendly atmosphere in the team is ensured.

Original and exclusive items

Illusionist on the anniversaryIf you want to present something really unusual to the manager, you will have to work hard, because it is difficult to surprise him. However, this is feasible, if you approach the choice creatively.

The very first thing that comes to mind when it comes to some exclusive gift is a portrait.Today, many companies offer the service of transferring photos to canvas - the end result looks as if a person has been painted with oil from nature. And if you put it in a beautiful frame - your boss just will not remain indifferent.

You can surprise the boss if you know in advance about his preferences and hobbies. For example, a tent, a flask in an original case, or a picnic set will be useful to a lover of nature exits. Fishing lovers will like high-quality inflatable boat or spinning. The hunter will like an artfully made knife from the master or collection weapons. A manager who is interested in collecting can be presented with several relevant items (for example, a very rare stamp or an old coin).

For a leader with a good sense of humor, in addition to all material gifts, the team can prepare a mini-performance, a peculiar sketch from the life of the team, but it should be understandable both to the boss and to everyone else - this gift is very uplifting. And if you want to hit the director even more - invite a guest to the jubilee. They can be, for example, a magic trick.

Often it seems that it is impossible to surprise the director, because such a wealthy person has everything. But this is not at all the case - by showing imagination, you can always choose a gift that not only gives positive emotions, but also supports corporate culture and improves the relations between the authorities and the team.

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