What to watch instead of "Bridge"? 8 dark series with a twisted detective plot

American "Bridge"

In the American remake, the bridge connects the US and Mexico, and it's no surprise that the drug mafia and refugees are involved. The detective from the American side is played by Diana Kruger, from the Mexican side, the Mexican Demian Bishir is investigating. Whether the fact is that Kruger is too sensual to play an autistic investigator, or Mexico is not a very suitable place for a Scandinavian leisurely plot, but the American version did not come out as charismatic as the original. But there is also the French-British version of “Bridge” - “Tunnel”, with Clemence Poetry.

"Murder on the beach"

On the ocean in the town of Broadchurch find the body of a local boy. The investigation is conducted by the visiting nervous detective Alex Hardy (David Tennant) and Elli Miller (Olivia Coleman), who knows all the inhabitants of her native city as flaky.Severe charm of the series - in perfectly selected actors, impressive views and skeletons, which noisily fall out of the cabinets of literally all the houses of a cozy and united once the town.

"Lake Top"

The series, filmed Oscar-winning Jane Campion at home in New Zealand. True, in the harsh New Zealand, captured in the “Lake Top”, there is no share of Peter Jackson's cozy Middle-earth.

Detective Robin Griffin (Elizabeth Moss) is investigating the case of twelve-year-old Tui, who, being in her fifth month of pregnancy, wanted to drown. Robin has a rare job: she deals with crimes of sexual abuse. During the first season, she not only slowly follows the trail, facing corruption, crime, a heap of dirty deeds and secrets, but also closes her own gestalt.


Danish-Swedish-Norwegian series, which all fans of Scandinavian noir already know well. Detective Sarah Lund, who was preparing to leave for her fiance from Denmark to Sweden, remains in her native station to investigate the brutal murder of a young girl. The whole country is following the investigation, and Sarah, along with the detective who was supposed to replace her after leaving, is following a confusing path, going through the evidence and the suspects.In the dark Copenhagen, Sarah, like a hound, fanatically pursues a criminal, not noticing how her own life is being destroyed and spinning out of control. The American remake of "Murder" is no worse.


In Irish Belfast, a serial killer appeared, penetrating houses and brutally and monotonously cracking down on victims. Detective Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson), a harsh lady from London, is trying to find a maniac. Who is the criminal, we know from the very beginning, but the essence of the series is how this “man in a skirt”, cold, never smiling Stella penetrates the head of a serial killer. Who knows, maybe she does it because they are both alike.


When Mark was five years old, his younger brother, Jesse, disappeared into the woods. Twenty years later, Jesse's DNA is found at the crime scene. So is Mark's brother alive? Four friends who walked in the woods on the day of Jessie's disappearance, meet and each in their own way digest this situation.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley's heroine is West Yorkshire Police Sergeant Katherine Kaywood, whose life is not easy. She is a middle-aged divorcee who brings up her grandson.Her sister is a drug addict, her daughter committed suicide. Catherine, bending from loneliness, is kept only on its rigid principles and on the belief in the force of law. It is imperfect, at times rude and can flare up, but it cannot be called precisely indifferent and weak. In the first season, Catherine investigates a crime invented by a so-so-bookkeeper, but realized by a cruel mafia.

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