What types of bicycles exist in 2018

Bicycles for everyday skiing

In this group, you can make road and city bikes. They are cheap and practically have no technical "frills". Switchable speeds they were given not so long ago. Road bikes are rather bulky and heavy structures with low maneuverability. A long trip to these rather tiring than bring pleasure. But road bikes are reliable. If you are planning to go to a country shop, you will not find a better bike. Local thieves will surely not get into it.
City bikes are a bit more comfortable and functional, they are already more expensive. Often foldable. The top tube is missing in design, the saddle is wide and soft. There is a trunk to which the basket is often attached. These bikes are equipped with speeds, but the gearshift mechanism is quite simple.Landing on a city bike is almost vertical. The most important thing is not to set unbearable tasks for the city bike, then it will last a long time.

Sport bikes

Sports bikes are track, road, mountain, tourist, hybrid, downhill, trick - BMX. Downhill bikes are designed to descend at high speed over rough terrain. This is one of the heaviest bikes, they are distinguished by the presence of a heavy and durable frame, powerful brakes and a pair of shock absorbers. For other purposes, these bikes are not intended. Highly specialized are stunt bicycles, characterized by a light frame, small wheel diameter and no saddle. They are designed for jumping, not for riding.
Road bikes are needed for a quick ride on smooth asphalt. In addition to smooth asphalt, they will not withstand any other surface. The frame of the road bike is light and strong, the wheels are large, and the steering wheel resembles lamb horns. This bike provides the development of maximum speed on the cycling marathon. A track bike is similar to a highway, but it is designed to ride only on a cycle track.It has specially arranged wheels, often no brakes. For normal use the track bike is not suitable.
Mountain bikes are arranged for maximum comfort over rough terrain. They have a light frame, small durable wheels, attachments of high level, good shock absorption. Of course, there is a high-quality gearshift. Nowadays, many bike enthusiasts choose mountain bikes for their good equipment.
Hybrid bikes combine the features of mountain, road and pleasure. The frame they have is higher than that of the mountain, big wheels, there is a suspension fork. Often, hybrids are equipped with luggage, light equipment, wings, disc brakes. They are chosen by lovers to alternate quiet urban skating with the country.

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