What will be the summer of 2016 in different regions of Russia


As the holiday and vacation season approaches, the question of what summer 2016 will be is becoming increasingly relevant. Russians are actively studying weather forecasts, looking at meteorological reports and showing interest in popular signs. The society is trying to understand what June, July and August will bring and whether there is a chance this year to fully enjoy the pleasant warmth, the gentle sun and the clear weather.

What will be the summer of 2016 in Russia: the most current forecasts

Accurately know what will be the summer of 2016 in Russia, will help people's omens. If clouds do not close the sky on Epiphany evening, spring will come early, and warm weather will last throughout the summer. Cool Annunciation will indicate that in June, July and August a moderate temperature will be established, and a gloomy, overcast Easter will openly hint at a rainy and cool summer.

Forecasts of weather forecasters, based on constant observations of the meteorological situation as a whole, are always more accurate and plausible. They predict Russia is not hot summer and regular rainfall.Throughout the country, the average temperature does not rise above + 21 ° C. The more volatile sun will be only in the southernmost regions, where in mid-June the mercury column will reach + 24 ° С.

The evenings will remain cool (up to +12 ° C), so for comfortable night walks in the moonlight you will need to stock up with a windbreaker, a mohair stole or a wool jacket. The first summer weeks will be overshadowed by heavy rains with thunderstorms and gusting winds, but from June 17-20 the situation will improve and the weather will quickly begin to improve.

The July warm cyclone will bring with it a steady heat, which will settle down on Russian open spaces for a long period. Daily temperature indicators will rise to + 30 ° C, and in some regions will become really hot (up to + 37 ° C). Meteorologists are already warning that the abnormal heat will cover not only the south and the Black Sea coast, but also many central federal districts. There will be no rains during this time period, and you will have to forget about the coolness and freshness until the end of July.

Last summer month begins in arid, dry days - August. Morning time will please steady heat, but the nights will be much colder.In the last ten days the country will be covered by a series of rains, and sharp gusts of wind accompanying precipitation will make it clear that autumn is not far off.


What will be the summer in Moscow in 2016

Capital residents, who have no opportunity to go on vacation, already wish to know today what summer this year will be in Moscow. Unfortunately, weather forecasters do not differ in optimism and promise a cool June, rich in precipitation in the form of a fine, thorny rain.

In July, it will warm dramatically, and by the middle of the month an unbearable heat will set in. The arid wind, impregnated with city dust and automobile exhausts, will drive out the majority of people from the streets and force them to spend more time in rooms with air conditioners, fans and air humidifiers. This situation will last long enough. Only by the end of August, the long rains will cool down the smoking metropolis a bit and remind of the rapidly approaching autumn.


What will be the summer of 2016 in the Urals, hot or cold?

Severe handsome Ural is waiting for a moderate summer with the optimal amount of precipitation. June is pampered with dry, warm and clear weather.The thermometer's column will rise to + 28 ° С and stay on it until the end of the month. Do not spoil the general impression, even torrential rains with thunderstorms.

The main hot waves will occur in July and August, however, the weather center says that the temperature only in certain parts of the region will exceed + 33 ° C. Humidity, due to regular, but short precipitation, will keep at a normal level and will not cause any inconvenience.


What will the summer of 2016 in the south of Russia in the opinion of the weather forecasters

Warm, sunny, dry and bright, that's how the summer of 2016 will be in the south of Russia. Pleasant weather will be established from the first June days and will last till the end of August. Rare rains and thunderstorms will not significantly affect the temperature, but will make the air more humid and comfortable. In the daytime, the level of the oily column will rise to + 28 ° С, and at night it will drop to + 23 ° С. The sea will warm to + 24 ° С and only by the last August days due to strong winds it will cool to + 20 ° С.


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