What you need to eat to lose weight?

You probably noticed how much on the Internet advertisements starting with the words "only two products ...", "if you eat every day ...." And so on. The point is that it is sufficient to exclude or add to your usual diet some products, and this will be enough to make the weight begin to decline rapidly without any additional effort. It sounds tempting, isn't it?

But the one who tried to follow these tips, was convinced by his own experience that this was not working. Sadly, the idea was so good. It is not necessary to suffer, counting calories, to be limited always and in everything, to refuse love of dishes. Not to mention physical exertion and other torture. Probably because the doctors were right. It is not so important what you eat, much more important how much. Existed and there are many theories about what causes weight gain. Some theorists believe that all is evil in fats, others in carbohydrates, and still others in proteins. But research has shown that the first, the second and even the third are wrong.Any imbalance in the diet is harmful to our body. However, as well as excesses. This is how our body works: all the nutrients that have been delivered beyond what the body needs to maintain a full-fledged existence will be stored as fat for a rainy day.

Here is such a boring truth. Practically everyone heard about it, but I wanted to believe in something else. If you are resigned to the status quo, then let's go further. How can all the same effectively lose weight.

What to eat and when

There is an opinion that you need to eat 5 - 6 times a day in small portions. Studies have shown that, in fact, there is no difference for the process of losing weight, once a day you eat or ten. The important thing is just how much calories are consumed per day. The theory was not confirmed, although there is a sound grain in it. If you eat food often, you do not have time to develop a keen sense of hunger and it is easier to control the appetite.

And what is there? Yes, almost everything, you need to follow only for calories. If you have enough three glazed curds for 500 kcal each a day, then even with such a perverted diet you will still lose weight, because your body needs 2000 kcal a day and it will take the missing amount from the fat depot.But this is unlikely to be enough for you, you can hold out for a day or two, but then you want a full meal. And there is nothing difficult, choose foods with low calorie content and keep a diary. Calorie accounting will show how much you actually eat and whether you have sufficiently reduced calorie content to see the result.

Is it necessary to move a lot?

And again the opinion of experts was divided. Various studies were conducted, scientific theories were summarized, assumptions based on physiology were expressed. It seems to be necessary to move as much as possible, then more calories are burned, and the process of losing weight goes faster. But there are other convincing data that indicate that there is no big difference in weight loss when using physical activity compared to a simple diet. Perhaps it was just not taken into account the fact that during exercise, muscle mass increases. The amount of fat decreases, and the number of muscles increases. "Minus" to "plus" gives zero. But, even if physical activity does not affect weight, then, in any case, a toned athletic body looks much more attractive. So, you decide.

But if that didn't work.

It also happens that food was reduced, and physical activity increased, but there was no result. There may be two reasons - or you have not considered something, or this is not enough. Some people naively believe that it’s not worth counting one cookie or candy, this is not food. So they do not write in the diary the very spoon of honey that they added to the tea or that piece of chocolate that your friend treated you to. And calories are slowly being accumulated, and then it turns out that you ate not 1500 in a day, but all 2000 kcal. Where does the weight loss come from? Careful need to be self-critical.

But it also happens that everything is correct, and the weight is in place. Reducing calories even more is difficult and uncomfortable, and spending more time in the gym does not allow for a tight schedule. There is only one way out - to resort to weight loss. It's not about dietary supplements. About these funds should be discussed separately. Here we talk about serious drugs, whose effectiveness has been proven through long-term clinical studies. All of them are divided into two groups, the first block the absorption of fat in the intestine, the second affect the appetite.

Funds that include orlistat, such asListata Mini, block the absorption of fat by 25-30%, due to which the caloric intake is reduced. But for this, there must be some fats in the diet - of plant or animal origin, then the effect will be. If you eat low-fat dairy products, lean meat and lots of vegetables, then these drugs will not help you.

Drugs that contain sibutramine, such asGoldline Plus, act on the cent of saturation in the brain. The feeling of saturation is prolonged, one wants to eat less, and portions can be trimmed. Studies say that when taking such drugs caloric intake is reduced by 25%, and the amount of food consumed by 20%. Of course, this will not replace diet completely, but the process of losing weight will go much faster. True, we should not forget that the effect of drugs develops gradually during the first month of administration, and the maximum effect is observed after three months, so there is no need to wait for a miracle immediately. But what can you do, you have to suffer, but then you will be rewarded - over time, the correct eating habits are formed, due to which you can save the result. In some cases it is even more important.

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