What you need to know, going on vacation abroad?

A trip abroad is fun and interesting. But in order to succeed, some important points should be found before the trip.

Customs and visa regimes

If you do not find out the particularities of the visa and customs regimes, then you may simply not be allowed into the country.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Do I need a visa for a trip and which one? So, for entry into the states belonging to the European Union, a Schengen visa is required.
  • Conditions for granting a visa. For example, if you have a regular tourist visa, your stay in the country should not exceed 14 days.
  • What documents are required for a visa?
  • When does your visa expire?
  • What can be imported into the country, and what is not?
  • What can be exported from the state, and what is not?


It is necessary not only to prepare all the documents required for the trip, but also to check their accuracy and duration. Store them preferably in a separate folder.


Proper behavior at the airport and on the plane will also help to avoid trouble and problems. The most important points:

  • It is advisable to arrive at the airport for an hour or two before departure. This will allow, firstly, to avoid being late due to traffic jams, vehicle breakdowns and other force majeure, and secondly, to calmly go through the registration and not to worry while standing in line.
  • Be sure to find out in advance how long the flight will last.
  • Find out which plane you fly on.
  • Find out in advance the rules of behavior on board, this will allow you to feel more confident.
  • Remember that you should keep the tickets for checked baggage, this will allow you to quickly find and return it in case of loss.
  • Take on board all the documents and valuables that are allowed to carry with you on the plane. So, you can grab an umbrella, men's briefcase or handbag, a bouquet of flowers, a folder for papers, a camera, a laptop computer, a video camera, outerwear, a mobile phone, print media, baby food, as well as medical preparations that will be taken during flight (and a doctor's prescription, if needed).
  • Do not forget to leave in the suitcase everything that is not allowed to take with you on the plane.The list of forbidden items includes absolutely all cutting and piercing objects (including nail scissors, nail files and metal hairbrushes with long narrow handles), any liquids with a volume of more than 100 ml, gels, aerosols, nail polishes and explosives.
  • Do not forget that it is forbidden to use the phone during the flight, so, after sitting down, immediately turn it off.
  • If you communicate with a fellow traveler, do not give out personal information.

Comfortable stay in the country

What to know if you are the first time abroad or in the country?

  • The laws of the state. Be sure to study them and remember all the most important points. So, in some countries one can not publicly express feelings, appear in defiant clothing in public places, photograph certain objects and so on. Many actions, it would seem, are banal, but in certain countries they can be punished by law.
  • Traditions of the country. In order not to anger the locals, it is advisable not to disturb them.
  • Of course, the tourist is not obliged to know the language, but still some phrases will help to get out of difficult situations. So, you can learn such as "How to get to ...?", "Where can I exchange currency?", "Where is the nearest restaurant?" And other similar ones.Minimal knowledge of English is also welcome, but the people of some states do not know it.
  • Be sure to find out where the embassy of the country. You can contact him for any problems and troubles.
  • Find out which plastic cards you can use in the country.
  • Keep documents out of reach. And some of them it is advisable to always carry with you, even during normal walks, as they may require the police. It is advisable to take with you a visa, passport, insurance policy, as well as documents confirming booking a hotel room. All this should be placed in a breast pocket.
  • If you decide to travel around the country in a car, learn the rules of the road in force in the country.
  • Always carry money with you and keep it in a secret place (preferably not in a bag, it can be stolen).
  • Always have a guest card with you.
  • If you leave the hotel, it is advisable to leave the keys at the reception desk.


The most important points, the knowledge of which will allow you to ensure your safety:

  • Try not to communicate with strangers, do not accept gifts and invitations from them.
  • In any case, do not behave defiantly, do not get involved in conflicts and especially in fights.
  • It is advisable not to go for a walk at night. In some countries, it is considered the most dangerous.
  • Find out what is the crime situation in the country.
  • Find out which areas are considered the most dangerous and under no circumstances visit them.
  • Do not move around the city alone.
  • Be sure to tell your family about where you are going, where you plan to stay when you return.
  • Do not use the services of private illegal taxi drivers.
  • Valuables and cash should be stored in a safe.
  • Never leave unattended children.
  • When detecting suspicious items, be sure to report them to the law enforcement authorities.


What do you need to find out in order to maintain your health?

  • Be sure to find out if there is an epidemic in the state to which you are going.
  • Use only bottled water from stores.
  • Take with you all the necessary medical drugs, some of them in a foreign country you will not find.
  • Immediately find out where the nearest medical facility.


Tips to help you eat in a diverse, balanced and healthy way possible, as well as without risk to your health:

  • Do not eat unfamiliar foods.
  • If you decide to try something new, then, firstly, find out all the information about such food, and secondly, start with small amounts. And it is also advisable to try one product per day.
  • Find out which foods are considered poisonous.
  • Find out in advance where to go best tourist. To do this, you can study the reviews available on the Internet, or contact local residents for help.
  • In the restaurant, immediately find out what the size of the tip (in most developed countries, they are mandatory, constitute about 10% of the total cost of the order and are included in the bill).
  • Find out for what volume of dishes the price on the menu. Thus, in some institutions, the cost is indicated not per portion, but per 100 grams, which is why misunderstandings and unpleasant situations often occur.
  • Do not visit suspicious establishments, do not purchase food in street and roadside cafes and bistros.


Rules for safe, enjoyable and memorable entertainment:

  • Do not drink alcohol offered by unfamiliar or unfamiliar people.You can be poisoned and robbed.
  • Watch the amount of alcohol consumed and your behavior.
  • Do not bathe in unfamiliar bodies of water and in prohibited places.
  • Do not swim too far, especially when drunk and in bad weather.
  • If the sea is restless, do not go for a walk on it on any vessels.
  • Do not visit the beach at “dangerous” hours, that is, from 11:00 to 17:00. At this time, the sun is very active, and staying on it can lead to thermal or sunstroke.

Have a good and memorable trip to you!

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