Where does the real Santa Claus live

Where does the real Santa Claus live

He brings the children an elegant beautiful Christmas tree, a bag of gifts and a great mood. He is a fabulous bearded man, Grandfather Frost, who is actually real! And Santa Claus lives around the world. His homes are located in Norway, Russia, Germany, France, and Lapland. There are even accurate postal addresses of the most "frosty" houses in the world.

Where does Santa Claus live

This kind character, hailing from a distant childhood, lives above all in the heart of every child. And not only! Adults who have not yet lost faith in miracles also believe, if not in Santa Claus himself, then that the New Year will certainly be better and happier than the previous one. But Santa Claus has very specific addresses, where thousands and thousands of letters come every year asking for a variety of gifts.

  1. Russia. The main residence of the fairy-tale bearded man is in the city of Veliky Ustyug, or rather, not far from the city limits. On the picturesque river bank there is a beautiful tower. In him, a kind grandfather is always happy to see little guests. And at any time of the year.
  2. France. French bearded man named Pierre Noel, and he lives in the town of Libourne, in the southern part of the country. His many assistants proudly claim that the French estate of the symbol of the New Year is the only one in the world where no letter is left without attention.

    Where does the real Santa Claus live

  3. Sweden. Scandinavian bearded old man, Yultomten, lives in the Swedish province, a few hundred kilometers from the capital, Stockholm, in the village of Dalarna. His chief assistant, the cheerful snowman Dusty, lives with him.
  4. Germany. The name is German brother of Santa Claus Nikolaus - Nikolay, in our opinion. And he lives, not surprisingly, in the town of Nikolausdorf. All German children know his postal address by heart.
  5. USA. American Santa Claus lives in Alaska - and this is not surprising. Perhaps there is the most suitable climate for an old man who loves winter so much.

    Finnish Santa Claus: where he lives

    The main harbinger of the new year from Suomi is called Joulupukki. And he lives in Lapland. This is well known not only to Finnish children, but also to children all over the world. Such a serious organization as the United Nations declared Finland as the “Land of Santa Claus”. And every year the local fairy-tale character receives tens of thousands of letters from children from all over the world. In this case, everyone tries to answer without fail, not to offend anyone and not to forget.

    Where does the real Santa Claus live

    Joulupukki lives in the village of Rovaniemi, where crowds of tourists come to the New Year. After all, there is not only the home of "the main Santa Claus of the world", but also a lot of fun rides, a large amusement park, the most delicious sweets.

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