Where to find weapons in the GTA?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
December 19, 2014
Where to find weapons in the GTA?

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Where to find weapons in the GTA?

GTA - one of the most famous games in the style of RPG. We are interested in the question of where to find weapons in this game. Here are some of the most reliable ways.

Weapons in GTA: we find and use

There are several ways to get yourself a weapon in this game. Detailed information on the use of weapons is in our article How to get GTA.

Methods of obtaining weapons

  • The first way is the knowledge of special places in the city. As a rule, in the story the hero of the game gets access to simple weapons at the very beginning of the game. This place is marked on the map as an icon of a pistol. In addition, when exploring the game world, you can find many places where this or that type of weapon is hidden. Explore the map!
  • The second way is a trip to the gun shop. However, access to this place you will not immediately, and the price of weapons will unpleasantly surprise you. Everything is like in life. You have to work to buy something for yourself. All gun shops will appear on the map as you progress through the game.
  • The third way is to take away weapons from their enemies.Without anything, it will not be easy, as you have to go into a fight with your bare hands with armed men (or move them by car). Of course, you get the desired weapon, but with such a riot on the streets you find yourself in search, which also adds a lot of problems.

Separately, we note that there are also a lot of interesting mods on weapons, which undoubtedly diversify your game. You can find them and download, for example, on the site.

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