Where to go for the New Year - a list of places in Russia and Europe

Some meet the New Year at home, others - in a cafe, and others - at the recreation center. Some do not like the classic options, they are interested in where to go to the New.

Such people are distinguished by the desire in Paris or on the exotic beach of the warm sea. Let's define the places that deserve attention. Travel companies offer a huge selection of ordinary and exotic routes, where to go, it's up to you.

Top Destinations

  • First of all, consider the European direction. It allows you to swim in the luxury of cities, visit the wonderful restaurants and ancient castles, visit Christmas fairs. It is in Europe that the New Year festive atmosphere is felt most strongly.
  • Europe is a loose concept. You can go to the snowy Scandinavia, festive Paris, old Prague or cheerful Amsterdam. Each of these cities offers an affordable rest.
  • You can change the traditions and go to the sea coast. While it is cold and snowy in your homeland, you will enjoy the sunshine and warmth. Agree, the option is very tempting.
  • The popularity of tropical destinations can be envied. Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries offer tremendous opportunities in the field of recreation.

Of course, on the basis of the material presented, it is difficult to determine the place of rest for the New Year. Do not rush to escape, then I will consider the directions in detail.

Where to go for the New Year in Russia

To feel the New Year's atmosphere, it is not necessary to go abroad. What does Russia offer? First of all - luxury recreation centers, located in the vicinity of reservoirs, forests, fields. Maximum opportunities for winter fun and New Year holidays.

  1. Pay attention to the sports and ski centers in the Urals.
  2. Want to extreme? Kamchatka volcanoes or the slopes of the Caucasus fit perfectly. The main thing is to choose the right clothes and go a good company.
  3. Historical cities, where during the New Year holidays a festive atmosphere reigns.Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Pskov, Novgorod offer a variety of winter fun.
  4. With the kids go to the Great Ustyug. A trip to Santa Claus's homeland will be an ideal New Year's gift for children. What to say about emotions and impressions.
  5. Long New Year holidays are an excellent opportunity to meet friends. If you are going to visit, in advance purchase tickets for a plane or train.
  6. If you celebrate New Year in your country, then spend a holiday surrounded by people who understand. You will be able to open champagne, light Bengal lights, listen to the congratulations of the president and after the battle of the chimes taste the taste of New Year salads and great drinks.

Meet the New Year at sea - list of places

Living in Russia, the New Year is associated with snow, severe frosts and snow drifts. A trip to warm countries on New Year's holidays is unusual. The duration of the New Year's holidays is 10 days. This time is enough for a normal sea holiday.

On the eve of the New Year, the cost of marine recreation increases significantly, so plan a trip for 4-5 months.

  • . The country is popular with tourists.Here you can enjoy plenty of sunbathing and swimming, to get acquainted with the local culture. Going to the UAE, you will see a lot of tall and luxurious buildings, visit artificial islands and many other wonders.
  • . The tourist season opens in the middle of winter. The country will delight the sun, warm beaches, interesting excursions, familiarity with the culture, visiting architectural monuments. Real cigars and great rum are expected here.
  • Thailand. During the New Year holidays the tourist season reaches its peak. The country is rich in beaches, exotic animals, Buddhist temples, huge markets. It offers a wonderful New Year's menu.
  • India. Indian beaches are perfect for the New Year's sea holiday. Warm sea, trips to medieval cities, visits to temples, excursions to the Taj Mahal. Beautiful souvenirs are sold here.
  • Sri Lanka. Going here for the New Year holidays, you will relax on the seashore, swim in the ocean and the rays of the sun, get acquainted with the sights. You can visit the elephant nursery and visit the plantations where spices are grown.
  • Jordan. In the country you can relax and properly improve your health. Any of the local resorts offers a variety of spa-procedures, based on algae, mineral springs and mud. I almost forgot to mention the Dead Sea, which only babies do not know about the healing properties of the Dead Sea.
  • Australia. Suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. Continent will delight diving, interesting trips, safaris.

This is an incomplete list of places suitable for New Year's holiday. However, the countries listed are the most interesting in terms of winter recreation.

Popular cities in Europe for the New Year

On the eve of the New Year, the cities are being transformed. The city authorities spend a lot of money on holiday decorations.

  1. Prague. The Czech city is beautiful, in the period of the New Year holidays it is greatly transformed. Book hotel rooms in advance, as Europeans come to Prague to immerse themselves in a festive atmosphere.
  2. Amsterdam. The city is not without reason takes the second line of the rating. In addition to the picturesque architecture and festive decorations, it offers noisy discos and huge parties. During the holidays, European youth almost by storm takes local nightclubs.
  3. Paris. The city is not very suitable for celebrating the New Year in the Russian style.Here is celebrated much more modest.
  4. Tallinn. The capital of Estonia is very popular among Russian tourists. Ticket price is small. The city, besides the festive decoration and elegant architecture, is good because many are fluent in Russian. New Year's holidays here are more cozy and comfortable, and the preparation for the New Year is not very different from the Russian.

I shared my personal opinion about popular European countries for the New Year. The basis of the material is purely personal experience. In Europe, many other cities that deserve attention.

Choosing a city for the New Year with children

Great to celebrate New Year with children. Their presence makes the holiday more fun and joyful. If the family has an infant, the trip can not be counted. Caring for it requires certain conditions. In addition, prolonged travel and climate change can harm the baby.

With older children in a different way. First, they can appreciate the New Year's journey and get certain impressions. Secondly, access to the most diverse places in Russia and abroad.

Cities of Russia

  • Great Ustyug. The city is fabulous and New Year's.Children know that Santa Claus lives here. In addition to the ice hut in the city there are many wonderful museums.
  • Kostroma. The city is inhabited by the Snow Maiden, granddaughter and assistant of Santa Claus. In her abode you can watch a wonderful performance, get Christmas toys, treat yourself to sweets.
  • Elbrus region. Here is the Baksan Valley, in which there are many ski resorts. Family tourists can stay in one of the hotels, go for walks on snow-covered slopes, ski and cable car.
  • Krasnaya Polyana. The ski resort is located near the Black Sea coast. The mild climate allows you to get a gorgeous tan even in the middle of winter.
  • What can we say about Seliger, the transparent ice of Baikal or the snowy forests of Karelia? This New Year's trip will long remain in the memory.

New Year holidays on the territory of Russia allow you to feel national fun. If you and children do not want to freeze, you can spend New Year holidays in warm countries.

Warm countries and ski resorts

  1. Mexico, India, Thailand.
  2. You can board aboard a sea liner and go on a journey through the expanses of the world ocean, periodically swimming in bays and ports.
  3. For a winter family holiday, Egyptian, Turkish, Italian, Greek resorts will suit.
  4. An excellent option - ski resorts in Europe. For comfort and level of service, they are superior to their Russian counterparts. The Austrian, Slovak, French and Bulgarian mountains are well equipped. There are many ancient castles, original markets, museums and attractions.

Remember, any trip with children requires careful planning. Do not chase the most expensive offers. They will not offer more than a ticket at an average price. It is possible to organize a new year miracle for children without significant expenses.

The cheapest trip to the New Year

  • Turkey. In the summer, comfortable hotels, wonderful dishes, and high-quality service beckon to Turkey. But the Turkish state is interesting not only for fans of beach holidays. Turkey is famous for amazing nature, sights, excursions. Among winter prices are very democratic.
  • Europe. New Year's trip to London or Paris is expensive. However, in Europe there is Poland and the Czech Republic. Visiting any of them, you will inexpensively get acquainted with the old architecture, walk along the beautiful streets, listen to street musicians, visit fairs.
  • Inexpensive vacation in the New Year period will offerThailand. The disadvantage is the high cost of the flight, but it is easy to eliminate it by buying tickets in advance. Cheap hotels, great treats and a warm sea await you onsite.
  • It is inexpensive to celebrate the New Year inEgypt. The country is famous for its mild climate, hotels with a benevolent and good-natured staff, enviable comfort. In addition to the wonderful weather, Egypt will offer affordable prices, interesting entertainment, unforgettable holidays.
  • A good option -India. Great weather, delicious food, colorful paints. Here expects mountain tourism, safaris and excursions. The cost of the permit will not empty the wallet.

It is better to deal with organizational issues in advance. So do not have to face enormous difficulties, sometimes just insurmountable.

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Travel companies will gladly pick up a ticket to a wonderful place within the country and abroad. The main thing is desire and certain financial capabilities.

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