Will antiviral medications help prevent disease?

When a person feels healthy and full of energy, he is naturally not interested in the causes of various diseases, but as soon as the first sneezes and sniffing appear, we run to the pharmacy for first aid for our body.

The causes of colds in most cases are the two main groups of pathogens: viral infections and bacterial infections.

And, if you can get rid of the latter with the help of the usual antibiotics, because in fact they attack only the surface of the body's cells without penetrating inside, then things are a little different with viral infections.

Always need to be treated

Here it is impossible to fight with antibiotics, because in this case it is not only the cell surface that is affected, the virus penetrates inside, forcing the cell to work in the right order for it. How to be treated in such a case?

To begin with, it should be understood that any disease is a fairly high risk for the organism, especially if a person has an already weakened immune system.

That is why it is important at the first symptoms of a cold to consult a doctor who, based on a group of tests, will be able to determine the specific causative agent, after which he will make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

The fact is that at the moment scientists have studied about 300 different types of viruses, each of which has its own characteristics and requires the correct choice of antiviral drug. Under the latter understand the complex means that take for the treatment of viral infections.

By the way, you should know that viral infections are not only well-known acute respiratory viral infections, but also HIV infections, herpes and so on. True, in everyday life, antiviral drugs are used to call those drugs that help in the treatment of respiratory infections.

Of course, almost everyone will be wondering if there is a list of the best antiviral drugs for colds, so that he drank a couple of pills and the disease immediately receded. On this account, experts in this area disagree: in most official sources it is indicated that symptomatic treatment, which literally was used to its full potential a decade ago, may not be enough.

The fact is that most modern viruses infect cells of the body, flowing into acute and serious diseases, which, in turn, can transform into serious complications and provoke the formation of chronic diseases.

The timely use of antiviral drugs can help to get rid of all the symptoms of the disease much earlier, as well as reduce the risk of complications.

And what about the other side of the coin?

And someone thinks that antiviral drugs do not exist at all, but everything that modern pharmacological companies offer us is nothing more than a publicity stunt that works well on the placebo effect. And what is most interesting, such reflections are fairly well supported by certain arguments: the fact is that viruses, penetrating inside the host cells, hide themselves behind them as a shield, protecting themselves from various drugs during the course of the disease.

There is nothing better than folk remedies

Exactly when humanity finds a way to penetrate the cell with special medicines, destroy the virus there and not destroy it itself, it will find a cure for herpes and AIDS, as well as hepatitis C and many other serious diseases.

All those effective drugs that advertise on television and sell in pharmacies, in most cases do not act in any way against viruses, but simply help the body activate one of the immune systems and increase the overall resistance of the body.

In most of these drugs, most likely, they use the well-known interferon, which helps the body to resist the body to the majority of known bacteria, viruses, parasites, and anything similar alien.

It turns out that most of the well-known and publicized anaferons, arbidols, aflubinov and other similar drugs, no matter how much they cost, have a general principle of action and do not differ much from each other?

What is interferon and how does it work?

When the cells of the body are affected by a certain type of virus, it invades their personal space, in response to such audacity, the cells begin to "rebel" and defend themselves. The tool of such protection is interferon - a protein that is produced in such critical situations and begins to protect damaged cells from uninvited guests.

By itself, interferon is not capable of killing viruses, it only helps the cells of the body to withstand a hard battle, protecting healthy cells and protecting the damaged ones. The more strongly and actively immunity works, the disease passes easier and is localized in separate zones, for example, pawns the nose, hurts a throat or there are problems on a skin, that is exactly where the virus managed to penetrate.

But there are some minuses?

Yes, there are disadvantages here too, for example, one should know that with the help of interferon it is impossible to carry out preventive measures, because preparations of this spectrum of action begin to work only after the virus enters the body.

After all, as we said above, such drugs activate increased production of interferon, but only in the event that the virus begins to carry out its negative and destructive effect, and therefore after the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease.

Choosing inexpensive drugs against viruses and influenza or accessing more expensive analogues is, of course, a master thing, because, as most experts say, there is not much difference.

However, it should be remembered that there are two types of interferon - natural, which is obtained from donor blood, and synthetic.Preference should be given to the latter, because in this case there is no risk of contracting HIV infections from donated blood, and the effectiveness of treatment is the same.

In pharmacies you can find a variety of forms in which they represent interferon - viferon, roferon, reaferon, as well as various ointments, suppositories, drops and sprays.

You should know that antiviral drugs are powerful enough tools that, if misused, will not only cure ARVI or flu, but also may harm the body. Remember that it is necessary to take them in strictly prescribed doses and according to a certain scheme; moreover, it is better to protect pregnant women as well as young children from taking such drugs.

By the way, many experts believe that treating colds and acute respiratory viral infections with similar means is the same thing as firing a gun at sparrows. It is also important to remember that such drugs can be effective only if they are started only at the initial stage of the disease, if this moment is missed, then such treatment will not bring any tangible results.

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