Whether natural childbirth is possible with scoliosis

Scoliosis pregnancy planning

Pregnancy for women with a diagnosis of scoliosis is a serious test. Even at the planning stage, a thorough examination is needed to confirm the seriousness of the disease. In severe (stage 3-4) scoliosis, pregnancy is accompanied by a number of risk factors. Curvature of the spine leads to pressure on the organs and even their displacement. The position or shape of the uterus can be changed, which can cause problems during gestation. Also increased during pregnancy, the load on the heart and lungs, already suffering from the effects of a deformed spine, can be overwhelming and pose a threat to the life of the mother and child.
Because of the increased load on the spine, pregnant women, already experiencing constant pain, suffer even more. To reduce pain, even before conception, it is recommended to undergo a comprehensive treatment, which consists of massage, physiotherapy and manual therapy.


If a woman has scoliosis, she should be under the constant control and supervision of an orthopedic surgeon during the entire pregnancy. For women with such a diagnosis, there is no special therapy accompanying the pregnancy, but in case of disorders associated with the load on the spine, the specialist will be able to prescribe treatment in a timely manner. In addition to therapy and blockades, the orthopedist may recommend a special load distribution scheme, a special mode of movement, and also a diet. Correction of the usual menu in this case aims to ensure that the expectant mother gained as little extra weight as possible. Calcium and a salt-free diet are also prescribed, which promotes the removal of fluid from the body.

Childbirth with scoliosis

If scoliosis is unexpressed (stage 1-2), most women give birth naturally. But this does not reduce the anxiety of obstetricians about the outcome of labor. There is always a risk that a deformed heart or lungs will not withstand a tremendous labor pressure. Often there are problems due to deformation of the pelvic bones, the head of the child can get stuck. In this case, an emergency operation is applied. In addition, patients with scoliosis who underwent surgery,Because of the fixation of the spine, they do not act like healthy women in labor, it is more difficult for them to participate in labor, helping the child to be born. There is one more “no”. Patients with scoliosis pregnant cannot use local anesthesia, which is practiced in healthy women.
However, from the birth of a child, the happiness of motherhood and a full-fledged family should not be abandoned, even with such a diagnosis as scoliosis. Modern medicine does not stand still, and experienced doctors successfully help to give birth to babies moms with curvature of the spine.

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