Which windows is better?

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m. Koko
m. Koko
Answered on November 16, 2014 12:41
I read that first, in choosing a Windows, you need to focus on the parameters of your computer. For example, XP has simpler requirements, but 7 and 8 OS will require more solid stuff on a PC (for example, the clock frequency should be from 2 GHz and higher, the amount of RAM should be from 2 GB and more, etc.) If the computer is powerful, then you will need to choose between Windows 7 and 8. Experts recommend Windows 8. It used to be damp, of course (like everything at first with macrosoft), but after a recent update, the OS gaps were significantly improved. The OS has become very serious, functional, without any special crap. And if you are not a super cool user who really understands why he needs the equipment for the Pro, then you need to install a regular home version. By the way, about Windows XP, I read that Microsoft will soon cease to support it. This is very important information. This means that soon the new software will not be able to work on Windows XP. Ordinary users who are not particularly eager to set up the latest versions of software will also be affected, for example, having bought a new printer after some time, you will not be able to run its firewood on your Windows XP.

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