Why can swell face?

It should be noted that swelling on the face may occur in any healthy person, but if the swelling occurs without apparent reason, it is necessary to be examined, as in some cases the specialist prescribes medications.
As a rule, the most frequent case of swelling of the face in the morning is excessive fluid intake before bedtime. Most often this occurs in the summer, when the street is unbearable heat. A large amount of fluid enters the body, and the body in turn can not cope with the withdrawal of water and sodium, so swelling is inevitable.
Also, swelling of the face can become a symptom of diseases of the genitourinary system, disorders of the kidneys, diseases of the thyroid gland. For example, people who abuse alcohol are a separate category. Also during pregnancy, a woman's face may swell, since the load on all internal organs and body systems increases significantly.
If shortness of breath is added to the swelling, this indicates the presence of problems in the work of the cardiac system. The formation of cyanosis on the face in a combination of puffiness is a sign of a vascular disease.
Also, swelling on the face is a sign of a lack of certain trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, very often during diets, severe fatigue (lack of sleep), a person may swell. To eliminate edema, it is recommended to eat a balanced diet and rationally allocate work and rest time.
If rashes appear on the skin and the breathing of a person becomes difficult, then this may be the cause of an allergic reaction of the body (for example, a cosmetic product, a food product, the bite of an insect). In this case, not to do without antihistamines.

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