Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

Let's talk about why cats are afraid of cucumbers. This is a wonderful occasion to relax and for a moment forget about difficulties and problems.

Recently, on the Internet there are videos with cats, frightened cucumbers. They managed in the shortest possible time to gain popularity. While the pet is eating, the owner discreetly places a green cucumber at the back. After eating, the animal turns away from the bowl, notices an extraneous object and begins to panic.

Such an amazing reaction of cats to a harmless vegetable managed to attract the attention of viewers who began to conduct similar experiments at home. Today we will understand why this is happening, and what makes cats afraid of cucumbers.

I have a dog at home and two cats. After seeing the video, I conducted similar experiments, and based on my experience, I will highlight a number of fear factors. I think you are interested to know the answers to the question of why cats are afraid of cucumbers.

  • Suddenness. The cat is very frightened by the sudden appearance of the object.During the meal, the animal relaxes as much as possible. Therefore, when you see a new object cat starts to panic and chaotic rush.
  • Instinct. Virtually every creature on the planet has phobias, cats are no exception. Some are afraid of rodents, others are reptiles, and others are shaggy spiders. Perhaps a large cucumber is associated in a cat with a snake. Moreover, her fear is caused by the natural instincts of self-preservation, which manifest themselves at the moment of danger.
  • Intimidation. If you look closely at some videos, you will notice that in some cases, there are teeth and claw marks on the surface of the vegetable. If the owner previously teased the pet with a cucumber, there is nothing surprising in the fright of the animal. The darling perceives a harmless cucumber as a threat.

I just shared with you a personal opinion about why a cucumber in cats causes fear and leads to a strong fright if you put it quietly behind. Now we will find out what the experts in this field and people who breed cats think about this.

What scientists have figured out

Beautiful gray cat

What did scientists find out? How will science explain the fear of cats' cats?

  1. According to experts, a cat can really get scared of a cucumber, but it's not a vegetable. Blame the circumstances in which the animal meets him. The pet organism automatically responds to the appearance of a vegetable, which usually does not lie on the floor. In such a situation, the cat tends to quickly move to a safe distance and consider everything from afar. In addition, the cucumber can resemble a snake, and with it mammals are not friends.
  2. According to the second assumption, in the videos a cucumber appears in the place where the pet eats. The animal considers this area as safe as possible. As for the violent reaction, it is explained by the novelty and unexpected appearance of the object, which managed to get to the cat silently. As you know, these animals are very attentive and it is problematic to get close to them imperceptibly.
  3. Users of social. nets claim that a pet will get scared and any other object, such as zucchini or banana. The point is not in the object, but in its unexpected appearance. A similar effect will provide curling iron or corn.
Veterinarians do not recommend experimenting in this way with your pets.During such an experiment, a cat can get a physical injury if it breaks a vase or other interior item or psychological problems, including stress and a continuous feeling of anxiety.

Why Russian cats are not afraid of cucumbers

Do cats, who are born hunters, are afraid of this harmless vegetable? Perhaps American counterparts are more cowardly? It was possible to learn the truth only experimentally.

  • First of all, my cat participated in the experiment. Contrary to the efforts, he was not afraid of the cucumber. Instead of running away, he pressed the defenseless vegetable with his paw, bit off a piece and swallowed it with pleasure. Is my cat an exception? As it turned out, no.
  • We conducted a new experiment with a friend, inviting her cat to participate in the event. The result has not changed. On the contrary, the animal considered the vegetable a toy and happily drew him into the game. Even the effect of surprise, which is present in the video on Youtube, did not work.
  • Such experiments were conducted by our colleagues. The reaction of all the cats was calm. None of the pets ran away or hissed.Apparently, Russian cats are real brave souls.

After that, I had the opportunity to talk with an expert. That's what I found out. Videos appeared on the network - an elementary successful selection. The cat may be frightened by any unexpected object. That's because these cautious animals always keep their territory under control and do not like surprises.

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A pet can be nervous in itself, especially if the owner shouts at him and often waves his arms. In this case, the nervous cat will scare anything. During the experiments, none of the pets was hurt.

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