Why do pains occur during pregnancy and how dangerous they are

If the pain is aching, of a pulling nature that occurs not only in the stomach, but also in the lower back, and you have bleeding is a dangerous condition in whichrisk of miscarriage. For such pains, immediately call an ambulance.
Periodic pain in the lower abdomen, are on the one hand, talking about tubal abortion. At the same time possible bloody discharge.
On the detachment of the placenta often indicate pain, accompanied by the tension of the uterus. Also severe pain may indicate fetal hypoxia or internal bleeding. They can be provoked by severe preeclampsia, trauma, arterial hypertension, abnormal labor, or a short umbilical cord.
Sometimes stomach pains that are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, flatulence, indicate a simple restructuring of the body.
Slightlystomach hurts during pregnancyin the case of uterus growth and displacement of organs in the pelvis.
Pain may not necessarily be associated with gynecological pathology. This may be a manifestation of pancreatitis or appendicitis. But all the same for any manifestations of pain and bleeding immediately contact an ambulance.

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