Why dream that you see a helicopter, a dream book

To see a helicopter in a dream is a favorable sign. Expected cash reward, a successful business start, a successful completion of the transaction. Also such a dream is a herald of a long and happy life.

People's Dream Book

For the girls who saw the helicopter in a dream, there is good news - you will soon meet with a man, the relationship will be serious and it is possible that you will end up with a happy marriage.

In the dream-book the helicopter in flight condition foreshadows well-being, a happy period, harmony in family life. The loving family and friends surrounds the one who has seen such a dream. But there is a warning - detractors who endeavor to hinder career growth envy your happiness and success. From the situation will help to successfully get out professionalism and a serious attitude. Then the enemies do not disturb the plans and family peace.

For a girl to fly a helicopter in a dream - means that she should be careful - the relationship with her beloved can cool. To avoid problems, you should make a novelty in the relationship, to do a common and interesting thing for your beloved.

Dream loft

Once people were sure that the iron aggregates that appeared in the sky � helicopters � would very quickly replace the usual means of transportation � automobiles. But their high cost can not afford the average man in the street. Therefore, the helicopter symbolizes luxury and wealth or the beginning of hostilities. To dream of a helicopter - to complete harmony in life, a person will have a great love and impressive well-being. Also, a heavenly unit sometimes means danger or escape from unpleasant situations, problems.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

The helicopter symbolizes important matters and depends on the speed of the unit in a dream whether the result will be successful or not.

Esoteric dream book

In this dream book, flying a helicopter is too namuzzy in the plans, which will concern your loved ones and become confused. Sit in the navigator's place and control the helicopter - know how to set goals, and clearly achieve them. A helicopter falls - be more collected, otherwise you may get into an unpleasant incident or be a victim of an accident. Caught in a helicopter in a crash - do not worry, sleep foreshadows a favorable outcome of a confusing situation, the main thing is not to miss the opportunity.

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