Why in the nose septum

Nose functions

The nose is the beginning of the respiratory system and performs important functions in the process of breathing. When air enters the nasal cavity, it is warmed to the required temperature due to the multiple vessels located on its walls. Also, with the help of numerous hairs in the nose, the air undergoes purification, as if in a filter.
With all this, the walls of the nasal cavity emit a special secret, which has an antibacterial effect on the air and moisturizes it. In addition, olfactory receptors are located in the nose that help people discern odors. But why is the nose divided into 2 cavities? Why do we need a nasal septum?

What is a nasal septum?

The nasal septum is located inside the nose and consists of the bone and cartilage plate, which is covered with mucous membrane from above. It divides the nasal cavity into two equal parts. Each of these parts is innervated by five cranial nerves and is independent of the other.

Why do we need a nasal septum?

A nasal septum is needed to distribute the airflows that enter the nasal cavity and give them a linear direction of movement. That is, thanks to the nasal septum, the airflows take direction and pass into the middle and upper sinuses of the nose. And already in them the air is warmed, cleaned and sent to the lungs.

How does the nasal septum develop?

The nasal septum is formed in the child still in the womb. In a newborn, it is straight and level, and in an adult it may have curvatures. This is due to the fact that the baby has no bone tissue, but only cartilage. Over time, as the child grows, the nasal septum becomes ossified and its ideal form is distorted. In most cases, the curvature of the nasal septum does not cause discomfort, but there are times when it can cause breathing problems and lead to serious consequences. Both biological processes and injuries can affect the development of a septum.
One of the reasons for its curvature may be uneven growth of the facial and brain parts of the skull. In this case, due to the fact that the nose does not have time to develop simultaneously with everything else, it simply has no place to fit, and it is deformed.
The most unpleasant and most dangerous thing that can occur when the curvature of the nasal septum is oxygen starvation of the tissues. This can occur due to the fact that the air enters unevenly, and gas exchange in the lungs is disturbed. This is manifested by headaches, fatigue, weakening of memory and decreased stamina.

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