Why does he lay his ears?

Why lays ears - causes

So, to understand why a person lays his ears, it is necessary to understand the structure and functioning of the ear. We see the external auditory canal of the auditory canal, which looks like a tube. At its end is the eardrum, which is a thin connective membrane. It is necessary to limit the external auditory canal from the tympanic cavity. The eardrum is followed by the middle ear, a space filled with air. Note that the pressure in the middle ear should always coincide with the pressure in the external auditory canal so that a person does not feel any discomfort. It stabilizes the pressure in the middle ear of the Eustachian tube, which connects it to the pharynx. Through this tube, the air quietly circulates back and forth, which balances the pressure in the external ear canal and in the middle ear's air chamber.

When laying ears in a healthy person

  1. Have you ever wondered why in the plane lays ears? After reading the above, for sure, you yourself guessed about the cause of this phenomenon. When we fly in an airplane, the atmospheric pressure decreases.And in the middle ear, it can not so quickly decline. That is why the ability to conduct sound decreases for a while. The same thing happens in the elevator. What to do? How to help yourself? To reduce the pressure in the middle ear, you need to open the auditory tube by swallowing.
  2. It also happens that the ears lays after bathing. The thing is that water has entered the auditory tube. Very carefully clean the ears with a cotton swab, which is able to absorb moisture. Now do a couple of swallowing movements. Thus, the remaining water goes into the nasopharynx.
  3. Very often, the ear lays due to the formation of a sulfuric plug in it. Occlusion of the external auditory canal occurs. Do not do anything yourself, consult a doctor. The therapist will direct you to Laura, who will wash your ear in seconds. Believe me, this is a completely painless procedure.

Why lays ears - diseases

  1. Eustachitis - inflammation of the auditory tube and the tympanic cavity. Often, this inflammation is a complication of a cold or cold. But the true reason can only establish a doctor. After all, such a disease may be a consequence of the curvature of the septum of the nose, polyps or sinusitis.
  2. Transferred otitis.The fact is that after otitis transferred in childhood, adhesions can remain on the eardrum. They reduce its mobility, and from this ears periodically lays. Only a specialist can handle this.
  3. Hearing impairment. These disorders are also called neurosensory hearing loss. A person begins to hear poorly as a result of damage to the auditory nerve and insufficient blood flow to it. Such disorders can occur due to hypertension, brain injury or coronary heart disease. All people who very often lay their ears, and the cold is not recommended to consult a doctor, make an audiogram. This procedure reveals changes in hearing. Risk their health can not be!

Probably, you were convinced that there are a lot of reasons for laying ears. Some of them are completely harmless, and we can deal with them ourselves. But others require mandatory treatment to a specialist.

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