Why does love go away?

Any relationship one way or another go through certain stages of development. For example, the first is the pink-marshmallow stage, at which the partner is idealized to a greater or lesser extent. And the development of further stages, their emergence or, conversely, going around and jumping through certain stages will depend directly on how your acquaintance began and how you allowed yourself ... to fall in love.

Stage of love

We all choose our partner in absolutely different ways, based on previously acquired experience, a formed world view, upbringing, and even an environment. Someone actually sticks to handsome men, stepping like a swamp into the path of unexplored - the same situation, when you though you realize that everything can turn bad, but still you try: maybe everything will turn out well? Others adapt to their partner, take a great interest in the activities with which he is ill, they want to become an ideal picture for the chosen object. No, they do not lie to themselves and do not even put on masks, wanting to please, many, feeling sincerely in love,admire the hobbies of a partner and want to become a significant part of his life, spending time together and being near more often. The others, like mathematics analysts, predict the result, calculate the compatibility, study the conversion of variations, and only then make their choice.

Why does love go away?

In fact, it turns out that, in which river you once deigned to enter, you will come out of this, in the literal sense. As it is impossible to wait for the healing properties and sea scales from a fresh river, one can not suddenly find the right qualities in a partner if initially he did not possess those qualities. And if the pink veil of love before your eyes first compensated for the partner's shortcomings, then in a time when it falls, you will see an impartial picture of harsh reality.

The stage of satiety and disgust

When one of the ingredients disappears from the chemical formula of love, the next stage begins - the satiety of the partner. The need to pour dishes and discontent with the fact that the latter prefers not to touch them at all, and even more - not to bring the dishes to the sink at all, increases the intensity of satiety in everyday life and duties.As a result, it further emphasizes the shortcomings of the beloved, fonit unpleasant emotionality in the form of resentment, a feeling of being useless, the absence of romance in relationships. Love is gone, withered tomatoes - it seems to you. After time, the stage of satiety smoothly turns into waves at the pier of disgust for the partner.

Why does love go away?

If earlier you circled around this very best and most worthy in the world with a butterfly, you got up easily in the morning dawn to surprise him with pancakes with strawberry jam, holili and kissed, but now the answer is turned on: come on, give it all I did it for you! .. And if it turns out that your such a person is completely beloved and does not plan to return debts with the same promptness and dedication, but still consumes impressively, without straining, then quarrels and scandals at this stage simply do not to avoid. A serious period of disgust in terms of degree of emotion comes: now everything that the contented mummers creates is only negative. It turns out that he and his hands do not grow out of the place you need, and that even if you wanted the best, it still happened as always. The inability to find a common language and look at the situation from the other side already at this stage destroys many worthy alliances.

Stage of humility

The final stage of the period, entitled "Do not get in touch with characters" - this is a stage of humility, which all flows in different ways. Some decide to accept for the sake of children, a stamp in the passport or under the yoke of responsibility before the parents, afraid to disappoint the latter. Such ladies sincerely believe that they reconcile with their “cross” in life, and the “cross” has a disgusting character, lazy fifth point and inability to feel subtle. And instead of finding an approach to a really loving person, once again make a tender request and peck at the top of their head, they bark, demand, scandal and accuse, because they “have not deserved” any other attitude. Such alliances are doomed to eternal negative and difficult atmosphere in the family.

Others, on the contrary, do not maintain such a depressing routine and prefer to disperse to not tolerate. In fact, they diverge, not giving the relationship a chance, not wanting to solve problems, but only avoiding them, and therefore there is a high probability that they will once again step on the same rake. And then again and again. After all, lessons from experience have not been learned, no conclusions have been made - otherwise we would not have had so many couples getting married for the third or even the fourth time.

Why does love go away?

But after these stages, as usual, harmonious unions are followed by stages of respect, friendship and, finally, true love. The most ideal couples manage to pass unpleasant periods, if they did not initially wear masks to please, took a partner with his personal set of cockroaches and did not invest in a relationship for "someday will be rewarded." And, on the contrary, they knew how to give and receive, appreciated a loved one for acknowledging their own weaknesses and thanked him (her) for understanding.

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