Why do birthmarks appear?

Why do birthmarks appear?

Why do birthmarks appear?

Each of us has birthmarks, some have sprinkled the whole body. In addition, if at birth a person does not have a single mole, then they will appear with him throughout his life. Why do birthmarks appear on our bodies, and what can their number and dimensions say?



The first set of moles (nevus) may appear in children aged 1-2 years old. They are not too noticeable and they are few, and most of the parents do not give them any attention. But during puberty in adolescence, moles can manifest themselves “in all their glory”: they become larger, more noticeable and their number increases. The reason for their appearance - hormones. For the same reason, birthmarks often occur in large numbers in many pregnant women. Another reason for the appearance of new birthmarks can be called the effect of ultraviolet radiation on humans.



Nevus can form under the influence of melanin and is the skin cells that contain pigment in large numbers.Moles are a congenital malformation of skin development or acquired for some time benign neoplasms. A nevus can be of a different size, it can be either under the skin or on its surface, and can also be of a different color.



Why do moles appear on the face?




Basically, as medical research says, moles can appear just on the face. Due to this fact, most likely the fact that the person is most open to exposure from the sun. Although, for a nevus, there are no forbidden points on our body - it can even occur on the mucous membrane!



Why do birthmarks appear?

Why do birthmarks appear?



Is it worth worrying if moles appear on the body?




Many people start to worry when they have moles, and they start asking a fair question: “Why do I have a lot of moles?” If moles do not increase in size, do not change color, do not bleed, then there is no cause for concern. But if at least one of the listed symptoms is noticed, then it is worth to consult a doctor.



Some people are stumped by the question of why birthmarks appear on the body, because they associate their occurrence with the possible development of cancer tumors. It is worth saying that there is such a possibility.Under the influence of external factors, such as solar ultraviolet rays, trauma and rubbing, the nevus can turn into melanoma, which is a malignant tumor.



Therefore, birthmarks located in places most prone to injury (for example, palms and wrists of the hands, neck and feet) are recommended to be removed by consulting with a specialist physician special cosmetology cabinet.



There is no point in worrying if hair grows from a mole - it has already been proved that this type of moles can not degenerate into a malignant formation. Hair from a nevus should not be pulled out - it is better to cut it off carefully.



Why a lot of moles appear - unknown facts




Recent studies provide new versions of the answer to the question of why new birthmarks appear. For example, British scientists believe that the number of nevus is able to demonstrate the speed of the aging process of the human body. According to these studies, the one who has a large number of moles, has a very solid biological age. In turn, it is able to protect the body from physical aging and will allow those who have many moles to be classified as long-livers.



Why do birthmarks appear?

Why do birthmarks appear?



Why do red birthmarks appear?




Some people are very concerned about the appearance of red, as if blood-filled moles on the body. There is no concrete answer to the question why red birthmarks appear.



One of the versions of the appearance of such moles can be called a violation of the pancreas or colon, but this version is rejected by doctors, because she did not have scientific evidence. The newest medicine connects the appearance of red moles with a number of factors: it is a violation of lipid metabolism, and some kind of dermatological pathology.



And only an experienced doctor is able to give a precise definition of the reason for the appearance of red moles. If necessary, such birthmarks are removed with a laser, after which the patients undergo a course of treatment of the detected disease.



Why do hanging moles appear?




Hanging moles are another type of nevus. However, they with a stretch of stretch can be called moles. In reality, they are papillomas (papillomavirus), which can be removed using an electrocoagulation procedure or using a laser. In any case, it is also impossible to do here without consulting a doctor.Therefore, if you are concerned about the problem, why there are hanging moles, then the question is not to be asked on the Internet, but in the office of a dermatovenerologist.



This and all the reasons for the appearance on the body of new moles. It should be remembered that some moles are absolutely not dangerous, others carry a certain risk, and others must be removed immediately. And only an experienced doctor will be able to correctly determine this.

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