Why the ideal is no longer fashionable?

Just imagine talking about the fact that a beautiful figure can be any, and good taste - including provocative, about a decade ago. Well, no, it was just the era of aggravated female perfectionism: everybody lost weight and picked up a swimsuit under the breast shape, hid the flaws with makeup and anything else heels, unless you already have not 180 centimeters in height. To have too flashy style was impermissible - you were immediately recorded in freaks, and dressing yourself ungodly meant betraying the whole meaning of existence, unless you are a 16-year-old, not Zemfira and not a professional bodybuilder. And today you open Instagram, and there skirts for pants, as in Indian melodramas, only from denim, peas with lace and strip in one bottle and clothes from black leather in the form of a working uniform. And no one even dares to remind you that combining the mass market with designer basic things is oh so cool and correct, because even the word “right” does not exist, since there are a great many solutions to any fashionable problem.There are so many trends and novelties that instead of a certain cyclical change in seasonality, in which there is a certain do as a thing that needs to be urgently bought and worn, and some don't mean a thing that went out of fashion and is not worthy to be on the shelves of your closet, there is a cosmopolitan chaos in which things from different eras and cultures get along.

In itself, the concept of an ideal image has become an ephemeral nonsense - any clothing is perfect since you feel harmonious in it.

Why the ideal is no longer fashionable?

It is important that not only in fashion, but in beauty, in lifestyle, in relationships — in other words, in all areas that women’s magazines chose as sections for themselves — we seemed to be much more relaxed than a few years ago. . In the make-up leading blush as a sign of healthy complexion and eyebrow pencil, and everything else is optional as long as it looks natural. However, it is also unnaturally cool, because makeup is not a way of a patriarchal society to subjugate women, as some feminists believe, but in some even pure art. On the hair - tricky color,which, in fact, could be written off for a three-month vacation in Bali, but since you are not allowed to leave you for a long time, you will have to admit that the hairdresser is to blame for everything. However, pink strands are also great, if you are still released on vacation.

In the lifestyle, everyone is fighting for sports and healthy eating, but not like in the 2000s, when trainer Britney Spears gave instructions on how to build an iron press, and a nutritionist from the Beckham family admitted that Victoria eats only broccoli

The calfs and relief freakies still sit somewhere on Instagram, but even the girls signed for them no longer look for exercises on the Internet for the perfect body and do not pour three liters of water a day through themselves, but rather call up to their friends. and go to the park for collective training - be it at least yoga, even a trampoline, at least trapezium, at least running. Since you take care of yourself, you really have everything perfect. And then you can and celebrate the success of a piece of cake and a glass of cocktail to achieve a balance. Yes, alcohol dehydrates, but the feeling of inner zen is more important.

Why the ideal is no longer fashionable?

Too thin, too beautiful, too “emphasized all the virtues”, too without wrinkles, too without bad habits and too “just for love” in the era of social networks we were bored with frankly.Their version of the word “perfect” looks too strained, that you just want to see, smile, and then it’s better to open Facebook and read how ordinary people have it - your real buddies and friends. All this, of course, does not negate the fact that we are still at some mental level deciphering grooming as femininity (albeit each in its own way) and even subscribe (but never like!) To suspicious Instagram stars with pouting lips hair, a photo-made waist and a photo report from a family vacation on a yacht in Ibiza, which every day put hearts under the photos of tens of thousands of subscribers. These ladies are in their rightful place, but only we have already learned to perceive them with humor - as the attempts of the last perfectionists, who still believe that in order to please everyone, you must certainly get away from yourself as far as possible.

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