Why there is bloody discharge after sex

Defloration (damage to the hymen) is the most physiological cause of postcoital bleeding. As a rule, the majority of girls, losing virginity, note the release of a small amount of blood from the vagina after sexual contact. Sometimes the hymen is not broken completely, and the bleeding may accompany the second and third sexual experiences.
Injuries to the vaginal mucosa can lead to the release of a small amount of blood from the genital tract. As a rule, gross sexual contact results in injury. A more difficult situation arises from tears or tears in the vaginal wall. In this case, the woman during coitus feels severe pain, and the bleeding becomes profuse. Such a situation requires immediate hospitalization in a gynecological hospital.
Inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis) and cervix (cervicitis) also often leads to postcoital bleeding. The inflamed mucosa is swollen and easily injured. The cause of inflammation can be specific and non-specific, as well as fungal infection of the female reproductive system.
Cervical erosion and polyps are a common cause of bleeding after sexual contact. The mucous membrane of the cervix is ​​easily damaged, and there is a spotting of blood.
Endometriosis is the migration of the endometrium (the inner layer of the uterus) to other organs, including the cervical canal. Endometrium is well supplied with blood, so even a small contact of the penis with the cervix leads to the release of blood from the genital tract.
Cervical cancer is the most formidable cause of post-coital bleeding, which must be eliminated first. Modified cervical tissue bleeds even with slight friction.
Postcoital bleeding during pregnancy is a dangerous pathology for the expectant mother and child. It may be due to the placenta previa and the beginning miscarriage.This situation requires immediate consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist.
Anticoagulants - blood thinners - can trigger bleeding. Incorrectly chosen contraceptives also cause post-coital bleeding.
Vitamin C deficiency can cause bleeding after sexual contact. When hypovitaminosis vessels become very fragile and fragile.
Sometimes the blood in the partner's sperm a woman can take for their own bleeding.

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