Why is Trump in the presidency - is it a phenomenon like sneakers on the catwalk?

Yesterday was a day for Russian-speaking Facebook users as an action-packed series about politics with elements of a reality show - something in between a “House of Cards” and a “Family of Kardashian”. In the meantime, we’ve been bumping over gifs and jokes in the tape all day, the United States chose perhaps the strangest president in the history of their country, and a typical voting method typical of the US, the logic of which many of our compatriots cannot understand until now: Donald Trump In total, he scored fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, and anyway he is just about to get comfortable in the presidential chair. American social networks were indignant: someone compared this day with September 11 (9/11 by analogy with 11/9), someone just hung a black square instead of publishing as a synonym for the end of the world, someone relied on faith in the best ...

Why is Trump in the presidency - is it a phenomenon like sneakers on the catwalk?

Yesterday it was possible to think that the world had turned upside down, and indeed, if not actually turned over, then it certainly tilted toward a person who symbolizes everything that we are not used to seeing in the president. And this person, whose country dictates global trends and is involved with its currency in the largest banking transactions in the world, now for another four years will sound from the TV and from all social networks as a weighty political unit. You ask: what is so incredible about it and why are the sneakers here?

Franklin Roosevelt won the election in the United States largely due to broadcasting, John F. Kennedy - to television, Barack Obama - to social networks, and Donald Trump - thanks to those Internet users who have already watched or are still going to watch the TV series “Black Mirror”, but inside for some reason, we are sure that this whole world is rolling somewhere in the abyss.

Not just for the first time, a man who had no relation to politics became a president, he became a man-meme, a man-jester, who several years before being nominated for this post were proposed by the writers of the cartoon “The Simpsons” with a sexist chanter “America, you can be my ex-wife! ”


Trump spent almost half the money on his election campaign than Hillary Clinton, but eight times more than she did on propaganda on the Net. And in response to literate attachments, the Internet responded with gigabytes of news stories and funny pictures, among which Trump's uncombed wig, swelling in the wind, was especially remembered.

We all sincerely bet on the “iron lady” Hillary - not out of sympathy, but simply out of the feeling that she is the classic image of a politician (albeit in a skirt) who likes war and double standards.

In addition, Hilary also "sprinkled" feminism, like a donut - sugar powder, so that it seemed even tastier to you to convince women that you should vote for "our"


Against the background of her resume with the “state secretary” line and the cold gaze, Trump seemed like a puppet candidate, a ridiculous fool who decided to play for president in the demo version (approximately like our billionaire Prokhorov once). And he take and win - all with the same smirk, as in the Simpsons in 2000.

So what does it have to do with sneakers? Starting from yesterday, Donald Trump is a new and absolutely unpredictable nightmare for all who called it a "national catastrophe".The same thing happened a few years ago when sneakers, which any housewife can afford, have become fashionable to replace the expensive designer hairpins. Gloss staked out the words "luxurious", "glamorous" and "exquisite," and then suddenly everyone steps onto the display of Christian Dior on the Paris garden in sneakers. I had to quickly adjust and write that the last - this is a compromise between comfort and style, and to lie about the fact that the sneakers also know how to be refined and luxurious. And then the fashion for "boys from the district" burst out, the sweatshirt replaced a small black dress, and Rihanna made herself dreadlocks, like Bob Marley, in place of sleek ringlets. How do we call it now? Compromise between "what I want, then do" and fashion? General pofigizmom? Denying the basics? Just like Donald Trump in the president's chair - no one sincerely expected such a result, and now we (or rather, they) have a truth-seeking president as everyone is an available fashion trend, which last season was considered a bad taste.

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