Why not do the piercing?

People tend to strive for beauty and perfection. There are many ways to decorate your body, one of them is piercing. Today, with a navel in the navel or even in the tongue, there are not many people surprised, so punctures are quite popular. But is it worth doing them? To get started, find out the existing pitfalls.

What it is?

What is piercing? From English, the word translates as "puncture." That is, in fact, piercing is the decoration of your body with the help of punctures. Someone does this for the purpose of self-expression, others try to protest in this way. And there are those who pierce various parts of the body for religious reasons or because they belong to a particular culture or ethnic group.

There may be consequences

And intimate piercing, as some believe, allows you to improve feelings in the field of intimate life. Anyway, today punctures are very popular and have not been considered as something surprising for a long time.

How it's done?

How to do the piercing? The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. First of all, the master should wash his hands and put on new sterile rubber gloves (in them he will perform all the manipulations).
  2. Next, you need to map out the puncture site.This is done using a marker.
  3. Then the master must process the puncture zone. To do this, it will scratch the surface with an antiseptic compound.
  4. The puncture site will be clamped with special forceps. This is necessary, firstly, for convenience, and secondly, to alleviate the pain (in the clamping area the blood circulation and blood supply of the tissues are disturbed, due to which the sensitivity is significantly reduced).
  5. Then the puncture will be made. It is made with a sterile needle (the master will certainly have to use a new one, opening the package with the client).
  6. Then the earring is placed in the puncture.
  7. The area is again treated with antiseptic.

It is worth noting that the procedure is quite painful, so if you are afraid of pain, then be prepared for the tests.

After all actions, the master should make recommendations about the care of the wound and tell you what changes in lifestyle you will have to make in connection with the piercing. Observing all the recommendations, you can significantly reduce the risk of complications and consequences.

Can everyone do?

Dangerous place

Piercing is, firstly, an invasive intervention (suggesting a violation of the integrity of the tissues), and secondly, a rather serious stress for the body.This means that there are some contraindications:

  • Some skin diseases, especially of an infectious or inflammatory nature: herpes, lichen, furunculosis and even acne.
  • Children and the elderly. In many salons, piercing is not done to persons under the age of 18 (in some places the framework is reduced, but it is not worth the risk).
  • Pregnancy is also an absolute contraindication, because during this period any interference in the body can be dangerous.
  • Do not expose yourself to risk and during lactation, because because of stress, milk can disappear.
  • PMS or menstruation in women. In such periods, the body is weakened, which can provoke undesirable consequences.
  • Hormonal disorders and diseases of the endocrine system (for example, diabetes mellitus). It is not known how the body in such cases will respond to the intervention.
  • Serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Diseases of the circulatory system.
  • Severe chronic diseases (especially in the acute stage).
  • Acute infectious diseases.
  • Propensity to form keloid scars.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Severe neurological ailments.
  • Allergy to some metals.
  • Diseases of autoimmune nature.

Lack of body piercing

What are the disadvantages of piercing? There are not so many of them, and yet they are:

  • Such decorations are not always appropriate. For example, if you get a job in a serious company, then the rules of the dress code can prohibit such liberties. Then you have to constantly remove the earring, which can lead to injury or partial overgrowth of the puncture.
  • This is not always convenient. Decoration can cause discomfort, and sometimes greatly interfere.
  • The healing process is not as fast as we would like, and implies certain limitations and rules compliance.
  • There are risks and consequences, but we will tell about it separately.

Possible dangers and pitfalls

Possible infection

If you decide to make yourself a navel piercing or some other part of the body, then first learn all the possible consequences and dangers.

  1. Even the most common ear piercing is the risk of infection. For example, if you decide to do the procedure in underground conditions or in an untested cabin, then the master may neglect sterility and reuse needles. But a non-sterile needle can lead to infection with such serious infectious diseases as hepatitis or even HIV. So, be attentive to the choice of salon and master.
  2. If the cabin uses poor-quality earrings, then there is a risk of developing allergies or idiosyncrasies. Even some high-quality metals can cause rejection, because each person is individual.
  3. Sepsis. Even if you do not get any infection, the risk of sepsis is always there. Dirt can get into the wound, bacteria, and so on. All of this, naturally, enters the bloodstream, leading to its infection and sepsis. And sepsis, if you didn't know, is deadly.
  4. The puncture site of the lip or tongue heals very, very long time, because it constantly gets saliva, which does not allow the wound to tighten and, among other things, contains a lot of microbes and bacteria. In addition, after piercing the lips for a while, you will have to forget about normal food (although some consider it a plus). And with the puncture of such zones there are other risks: tooth decay, stomatitis, periodontitis, glossitis, and so on. It should be extremely careful and attentive!
  5. We all know such a method of therapy as acupuncture. In some cases, it can be really effective, because it produces an effect on active points.And what will happen if the impact on such points will be thoughtless and constant, like during piercing? The consequences may be the most unexpected and unpredictable.
  6. In some parts of the body (for example, in the eyebrows) there are many nerve endings responsible for the important functions of the nervous system. So, if such an ending is damaged during a puncture, then the nervous system can be disrupted (and it is responsible for essential functions such as speech, thinking, and so on). By the way, the consequences may not be instantaneous, but appear only after years.
  7. Nose piercing is also fraught with danger. For example, a clasp from an earring with a sharp and deep breath can get into the airways. Although this risk is minimal, it is still there.
  8. Punctures of intimate places can lead to complete loss of sensitivity (after all, in this area there are a great many nerve endings). And then instead of the expected unforgettable sensations, you get a complete lack of pleasure from intimate intimacy.
  9. Punctures can cause keloid scars, which look very ugly and almost impossible to completely remove.
  10. Puncture of the nose or ear can damage cartilage tissue.

Think well about whether to do a piercing, or is it still better to decorate your body in another way.

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