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The modern window market is flooded with offers to install plastic windows. Sometimes, contrary to all assurances of manufacturers, these windows have a very mediocre performance. This includes the material itself - PVC. First of all, this is not the most environmentally friendly material, after 15 years, harmful substances begin to be released, and this process cannot be stopped. Yes, and the geometry of the windows suffers a lot - just ask their owners about this, the material is very plastic, and no internal frames correct the situation. Therefore, many people have long abandoned plastic windows, and began the search for a truly high-quality product.

Perhaps the best material for windows is wood. However, pure wooden windows also have their drawbacks. Of course, wood is an environmentally friendly material with high decorative properties. No one will argue with that. But the physical properties of the material, such as hardness and elasticity, do not allow large wooden frames to be made in an acceptable section of material.Nobody wants to see in his house a window opening and a frame from a massive timber.

There is also another material - aluminum. Aluminum windows are distinguished by good rigidity, thanks to which they take up little space in the window opening, and also do not bend over time. Unfortunately, aluminum easily conducts heat, which is why windows made of aluminum alone have a very narrow application.

A real breakthrough in the field of elite quality windows are wood-aluminum windows that combine the positive aspects of the two materials. The company carries out the installation of wood-aluminum windows. Thanks to a special unique technology, it was possible to achieve excellent results in performance. The multi-layer structure avoids heat loss, thereby compensating for the high thermal conductivity of aluminum. And the high decorative properties of natural wood create a unique appearance.

Taking into account the properties of wood and metal, wood-aluminum windows are very easy and also make it possible to have an elegant, delicate design.

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