Do women over 40 love sex more?

My body is my business

At 20, we are all sure that it would be nice to disappoint something, and in some places to remove extra kilos, and at times we are even afraid to wear clothes without a bra, because in his absence the breast seems saggy (hey, but what about the natural process of gravity? ). After 40, we somehow in a magical way come to such an acceptance of ourselves, about which all the journals writing on the topics of psychology speak, not only at the body level, but also at the intellectual level, namely, we note our particular features and stop calling them flaws. What happens at this moment in bed? You stop concentrating on what he thinks about your figure, and just enjoy sex.

Do women over 40 love sex more?

Orgasm like clockwork

For many women, the path to orgasm turns into a winding path that comes across obstacles in the form of men who complete the “marathon” too quickly, or men who don’t want to listen to the desires of women in bed, as well as our own shy reluctance to explore our own body for not only that odious point G, but also many other points that are pleasant to use.But if even the most winding path has a finish, and in our case it is rather a pleasant beginning than the end, then it becomes logical that with age you discover your secret of pleasure, program it in your head, and then put it into life with a partner.

The level of communication "God"

Psychotherapists who specialize in the topic of relationships say that couples who have long been together are strikingly different from the “new ones” in that they are more easily able to establish effective communication in the union. And this concerns, of course, not only bedding topics, but also any vital issues. With experience comes confidence in a regular partner, and it becomes much easier to express your desires to him, which is especially important in intimate contacts.

Less porn, more erotica

In the above study, scientists quoted the respondents that the concept of sex itself changes with age. This is not the same sex that we see in porn movies, where fervent passion (sometimes played out) and mandatory penetration comes to the first place, but some more sensual and individual process in which everything that you like is collected, but not that that there "should be."And surprisingly, as sexologists say, this is also the moment when sex becomes a more open process in the sense that you are no longer afraid to offer your partner to experiment with sex toys or seduction scenarios, because you yourself are not afraid to move away from " standards. "

Do women over 40 love sex more?

Finally no hangover

At the age of 20, sex “falls out” to us as the most pleasant part of a dramatic affair with a fellow loser or as a “dessert” after a drunken party at a club (and, as a rule, in a single copy). And by the age of 40 it is assumed that you have already run up to dates and either have made a permanent partner for yourself, or even managed to start a family and raise children to the age when they no longer wake at night, disturbing carnal pleasures. Thus, sex becomes more comfortable and in a good sense predictable: you know the person next to you, you remember everything that happened last night, and you are not ashamed of anything.

You clearly know what you want (or rather, whom, where and how)

With age, we train, perhaps, the most useful life life hacking - we learn to say “no” in response to what we are not happy with. This applies to the sad work, and pesky friends, and uninteresting events, and sexually unattractive partners, and uncomfortable sex practices.Avoiding all these unwanted contacts, when "he wants, and I do not," when you have a month or too busy a day or when you decide to go to bed just to make someone nice, you may have less sex than in young years, but this is just the case when less means better and better.

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